Wikileaks:Important Chinese officials are responsible for the disappearance of Google in China

U.S. diplomats who was  in post in Beijing said that  Chinese officials where suspected by cyber attack against Google, according to diplomatic notes revealed by Wikileaks site and posted on the newspaper’s The New York Times websit.

“A well-placed contacts said that Chinese government has ordered Google’s recent intrusion into the system,” explains one of these notes, that the operations were run by the Chinese Communist Political Party’s  Bureau.

Since Thursday, China treated this as “absurd”, without further comments, the content of wikileaks website, revealed that 250,000 American diplomatic telegrams, some of them involving China.

These telegrams it designates Li Changchun, a Politburo member in charge of propaganda, as the organizer of the cyber attack against Google.

According to those notes quoted by the New York Times, the attacks were coordinated under the supervision of Li Changchun and Zhou Yongkang’s, the highest ranking officials in the field of security.

In March, Google announced that it will no longer obey Chinese government orders to censor its search engine, explaining that he was the victim of coordinated attacks.

E-mail accounts “g-mail” of Chinese dissidents have been broken during these attacks, Google revealed.

U.S. offensive in the past raised the originating computer piracy in China, but Washington has so far avoided publicly denouncing the regime from Beijing.

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