Wikileaks: Russia is “almost an mafia state”!

Russia is an “almost mafia state”, where political parties work “hand in hand” with organized crime, like a Spanish prosecutor quoted in a U.S. diplomatic note obtained by Wikileaks, published Wednesday by the British newspaper The Guardian.

Prosecutor Jose Gonzalez, about ten years investigating Russian organized crime, “believes that it can not make a distinction between governmental activities (Russian) and organized criminal groups,” according to the diplomatic note sent in February 2010 the U.S. embassy in Madrid.

Also, the Spanish prosecutor agreed with Russian opponent Alexander Litvinenko, who was assassinated in London in November 2006, according to which the poisoning with polonium 210, a highly radioactive substance, was an act of service
Russian intelligence and security which are, according to him, “the owners organized crime.”

“Some parties in Russia works hand in hand with organized crime,” according to the prosecutor, according to this note.

“He (the prosecutor) explains that the Liberal Democratic Party was created by the KGB and its successor and SVR are its many hardcore criminals,” added the diplomatic note, referring to the ultra nationalist party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

According to prosecutors, there are “proven links between Russian political parties, organized crime and trafficking
weapons. ”

Note suggests that the Russian mafia is used to perform operations that can not “normally result as the Government, such as providing weapons to destabilize Turkey’s Kurds.

Spanish prosecutor is convinced that the officials of the services
Russian intelligence were behind the scandal targeting Artic Sea cargo ship, suspected of carrying weapons to Iran in 2009, according to diplomatic note.

On another note, sent shortly after the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, the deputy U.S. Secretary of State Daniel Fried, wondered “if uncontrolled elements of the security services can act (…) without (Vladimir) Putin to be informed, knowing in particular “attention to detail” the Russian premier.

High U.S. official spoke to a senior French diplomatic adviser, says in the note.

Far from being limited to the Russian mafia and govern nearly all Belarus Chechnya and exercised “control enormous “on vital sectors of the economy international, such as that of aluminum, said the Spanish prosecutor.

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