Vladimir Putin spoke to Americans. In Larry King’s TV show

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appeared on Larry King’s show and discussed thorny issues such as disclosures made by Wikileaks, the crisis in North Korea and anti-missile shield in Europe.

Putin appeared on the show in Moscow, via a satellite link. He addressed the American people with a message about anti-missile shield.

‘I want American people to hear it. Or at least viewers who watch this show. We are not the ones that move our rockets near your territory. You are planning to mask your missiles near our border, “says Russia’s prime minister.

However, Putin said his country does not want to spoil relations with the West. Instead, Moscow wants NATO to share responsibility for European security.

Former Kremlin leader has refused to evaluate the benefit of Barack Obama. He says it’s up to voters. He said, however, viewers what he thinks about former U.S. president George Bush.

“One thing is sure: George Bush Jr. is a good man,” according to Russian Prime Minister.

Vladimir Putin was shown upset by how the Wikileaks site described the relationship between him and Dmittri Medvedev.

“However, we do not expect the gesture to be made with such arrogance, power and unethical,” said Putin.

The disclosures inĀ  Wikileaks described Russian Prime Minister as Batman and the President – his helper, Robin.

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