U.S. politicians want WikiLeaks founder (Julian Assange) to be dead. Interpol issues international warrant for his arrest

American politicians are increasingly outraged by the actions against Wikileaks site. A number of important names in American politics want the death of its founder Julian AssangeĀ  and those guilty of leaking information.

Thus, during a CBC news program, Tom Flanagan, an advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Harper Stepher, called the assassination of Julian Assange.

The controversial American conservative representative, Sarah Palin, said Julian Assange be hunted as a terrorist.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said that the founder of Wikileaks is a criminal who will not escape U.S. law. Also, Clinton told the Associated Press that many will lose their lives because of information published by this site, and “many more will lose their jobs.”

Mike Huckabee, the Republican chairman, said the person who is responsible for the leaks should receive the death penalty. “Everyone in our government that allowed the leaks is guilty of treason and I think any punishment is too soft, in addition to execution,” Huckabee said, quoted by the newspaper Politico.

KT McFarland, a former Pentagon official said the soldier, Bradley Manning (who said that Wikileaks source) should be executed, while the Wikileaks site should be declared a terrorist organization.

Interpol issues international arrest warrant on behalf of Wikileaks founder
Tuesday, Interpol issued an international arrest warrant (note red) on behalf of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. He is wanted by the Swedish justice in an investigation for “rape and sexual assault,” said a spokeswoman for Interpol, cited by Agerpres.

Assange was not accepted because it is in Sweden, he yet taking advantage of the lack of an arrest warrant for leaving the country. Founder Wikileaks has denied the allegations and said the relationship they had with the two women were consensual. When Sweden has announced its intention to arrest the leader was Wikileaks in London, but the location is not known at present.

Interpol received on November 20 “request for issuing an arrest warrant for the purpose of extradition” sent from Sweden, said spokeswoman Interpol. Therefore, the “red notices” that have been running Assange’s arrest by Interpol police of the 188 affiliated countries.

Appealing against the arrest warrant issued on behalf of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was rejected last Wednesday by a Swedish court, according to AFP. “The Court of Appeal has different views in certain respects from those of the court of first instance but believes that there is reason to ask for his arrest,” reads the Svea Court of Appeal.

On behalf of the Australian Julian Assange, aged 39, was last week issued an international arrest warrant for rape and sexual assault allegedly committed in Sweden in August. Assange’s last resort is now appealed to the Supreme Court.

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