Top 10 coolest inventions 2010

Scientist who created life in the lab exoskeleton that helps paralyzed people walk or mosquito immune to malaria. All these are part of the top most ingenious inventions of 2010. Find out the others!

The first synthetic cell

An American scientist has created life in a laboratory experiment in which he managed to resurrect a dead bacterium. Doctor controversial biologist Craig Venter genes initially extracted from a bacterium called Mycoplasma capricolum. Then he made an artificial DNA sequences that put them in dead bacteria. It returned to life and began to multiply.

Artificial Lungs

A U.S. lab has created a world premiere, the body of mice, pairs of lungs. Yale University researchers have taken adult lung tissue from mice from which they extracted various cellular compounds. Scientists have preserved lung matrix structure containing cells and bronchial, respiratory and vascular systems, which were subsequently used as a basic structure that have grown new lung cells.
They have cultivated a combination of stem cells in the lung matrix, in an incubator environment to reproduce certain conditions in utero. In this way, they got perfectly functional lung cells. After being transplanted in mice, these new lungs have functioned normal for periods between 45 and 120 minutes.

Immune to malaria mosquito

The most annoying bug was a known bad year. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting malaria to 250 million people annually, of which one million lose their lives. University of Arizona researchers have created a species of mosquito immune to the parasite Plasmodium, malaria and cauzeza agent that is transmitted by mosquitoes. The next step is the new mosquito to be turned into something more aggressive that, once released into the wild, to eliminate mosquitoes that exist today.

Exoskeleton eLegs

Invented for the benefit of people paralyzed eLegs innovative exoskeleton is a kind of prosthetic robot that uses artificial intelligence to “read” gestures of arms with a set of crutches, simulating walking. It was inspired by soldiers in army exoscheletele used to lift weights. It will hit stores in 2013.

Nurture Neo Incubator

It is made of recycled car parts and was invented by a group of American students. Headlights provide warming incubator, a fan provides air circulation board, lights flashing and the door alarm system is used to warn doctors if the heating system fails. The incubator can be powered by a motorcycle battery.

Iron Man costume

Researchers working on a special suit, which amplifies the power of a man nearly 20 times. Whether it’s lifting weights or breaking walls. Outer skeleton is made of metal and hydraulic mechanisms, and those who carry it can do the work of three people. Researchers in Salt Lake City costume created for situations where soldiers are forced to the heavy equipment. The price of such a suit is not the not insignificant: $ 150,000.

Elevated Bus

The Chinese want to revolutionize the world with a new model would reduce bus traffic by 20-30% blockage. Basically, this type of bus is built so that cars under two feet tall can pass under it. The model looks like a subway, but created so that traffic can be integrated into the surface. It has a height of 4.5 meters and is built on two levels. The first allows access machines under it, and the second on the travel of the host. Powered by electricity or solar energy, can reach a bus speed 60km/ora while transporting passengers between 1200 and 1400. Such a model needs an access road about 40 km long.

Flying Car

Flying Machine, Terrafugia Transition, a light aircraft that turns the car has been given the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation administration for the U.S.. Designed as a “light sport aircraft, Terrafugia Transition weighs 600 pounds and is the lowest cost for private use located in the rankings from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The manufacturer could not fit safety features such as airbags, sport aircraft in specific gravity. But, uniquely, Ferderala Aviation Administration allowed the aircraft framing sports, despite the 50 extra pounds. Flying unit reaches 185 kilometers per hour and has a range of 740 kilometers. It needs a long runway for takeoff about 500 feet and fits in a regular garage. The price per copy was calculated at 194,000 dollars.

Train powered by … cow fat

Travel daily between Oklahoma and Fort Worth, Texas, and runs on biofuel made from cow fat expired, which pollute even less than bioconbustibilul obtained from plants.


A mix of computer and cell phone. I-Pad’s opinion seems to have answers to all problems: it can play movies or games, can function as a calendar, electronic library or gallery. That besides 3G, Wi-Fi connection and battery that lasts 10 o’clock … Yes, say critics, but you can not open two applications at the same time, a major impediment to ordinary users to jump from one window to another of the various applications. Other drawbacks: iPad tablet has no camera / video or USB input to connect other devices to it. And there is not too light: weighs 680 grams. You want it? It will facilitate $ 500.

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