The Wikileaks revelations were sentenced entire string of politic world

Disclosure of  about 250,000 U.S. diplomatic notes Monday by the Wikileaks site generated  condemnation reactions   from governments around the world, the White House described the action as a “serious crime”.

Wikileaks and those who publish such information “are criminals,” said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for the American Presidency, considering that these leaks are “serious violations of law and a threat to those who lead and contribute to our foreign policy .

In turn, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, referred to an “attack against the international community.”

She previously discussed with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu that an informant of American diplomats in Ankara described in some diplomatic telegram as “exceptionally dangerous”. During the meeting, the two “discussed the issue of Wikileaks and Foreign Minister appreciated the direct and open comments of the Secretary ‘of State spokesman said the State Department, Philip Crowley.

Davutoglu, along with Clinton, said that his country maintains a “strategic partnership” with Washington.

The several documents obtained by Wikileaks and provided important media sources, present in raw form, behind U.S. diplomacy.

Monday, Washington’s partners took the rhetoric used by the United States, condemning the methods of the Internet site.

France denounced the disclosure “deliberate and irresponsible” of confidential information.

In Italy, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said that it could be considered a “September 11 world of diplomacy.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president made the same plane as Adolf Hitler in some U.S. notes, said that these documents are “worthless”, considering that the publication of documents is part of a campaign of information warfare “against Tehran, orchestrated States U.S..

But leaders concerned by these notes were quick to give assurances that such “gossip,” says Guido Westerwelle, German Minister of Foreign Affairs will not affect their relations with Washington. And a spokesman for British Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged his country will continue to “work closely with the United States.”

Afghanistan does not consider its relations with the United States will suffer, despite some documents on President Hamid Karzai described him as “weak” and his brother Ahmed Wali business as involved in drug trafficking and corruption.

In the Middle East, a senior Israeli official believes that disclosing such information does not affect Israel’s image and that they confirm the country’s official position in favor of greater firmness against Tehran.

The U.S. response is articulated around two axes: the judicial procedures and prevent further leaks.

Secretary of Justice, Eric Holder, noted that “a criminal investigation is ongoing.” “(…) We are not yet able to deliver results, but the investigation is ongoing, “he added.

The White House announced that it has ordered a review of security procedures to prevent further disclosures.

But Sarah Palin ultraconservative important figure of American, said on his Facebook page that disclosing such information “raises serious questions about Obama administration incompetence in managing this enormous fiasco.” On the other hand, she qualified Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, as an “anti-American agent who has blood on their hands.”

In Latin America, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called on Clinton to resign, saying that “the empire (U.S.) was revealed.”

His ally, Ecuador, said he was willing to accept Julian Assange, which is sought by U.S. justice.

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