The truth was revealed: Gianni Versace was murdered by the mafia!


The information was released by a former gangster, Giuseppe Di Bella. He said that the famous Gianni Versace was murdered by the mafia in 1997, on the steps of his home in Miami, because he had debts to the “Godfather” of the organization.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Giuseppe Di Bella said that  Versace was used by mafia in  money-laundering operations.

Former gangster says that Calabrian mafia, known as the term “N’drangheta”, intended to steal the ashes of the fashion and blackmail his family to recover the remains.

Designer, aged 50, was shot dead by Andrew Cuanan, serial killer, who committed suicide a few days after the murder.

Di Bella has made several confessions in front of journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi “rivers of money flowed from drugs, extortion, protection rackets, usury …. and all these sums had to be” cleaned. “Bars and restaurants have been used in money laundering operations, as happened with Versace. ”

He also specified, that, Gianni Versace has borrowed money from the Calabrian mafia, then was assassinate because  has not paid the debt in time.

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