The 99ers, Nation’s Unemployed

For those that still don’t know, the 99ers are the the unemployed who have already used up their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, and now are fighting with monthly bills that they have no way of paying.

Now those people are starting to lose their confidence in officials: “We elected officials to run our country. We had every right to believe that they were doing the right thing for America and its citizens. It turns out that they weren’t.”

Our great leaders who earn a great deal more money than most of us, led us down the road to a big depression. Most of our citizens are afraid to use that “D” word only because it will be more realistic.

There are voices saying that this situation compares to Great Depression of 1929 and like the previous one , the actual is almost the same : 4 years into it when FDR took office, the unemployment rate almost doubled.

We’re only a few years into this “Great Depression”. It began on September 16, 2008 with the failures of U.S. financial institutions and quickly  evolved into a massive global economic failure. If this one, lasts 10 years like the Depression of 1929…and who’s to say it won’t…then we’re in for another 8 years of serious economic woes, not just here in America, but world wide.

Here are some examples of public opinion :

A man from Oregon says, “I’m losing my house! Doesn’t anybody care?”

A woman from Texas says, “I’m so disgusted with our government. It seems like they’ve totally disconnected with the people they’re supposed to represent.”

A recent college grad says, “I’m not even searching for a great job in my field anymore. I’m just looking for any type of job that will put food on my table.”

This is only the beginning most of unemployed people are starting to  think of a new life style and other possibilities of making money.

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