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Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, released from prison on bail


Arrested last week on charges of rape, 39 year old Australian, Julian Assange, was released Tuesday evening. But British Justice has imposed a number of conditions. Wikileaks founder was arrested under a warrant issued by Sweden, he was accused of sexually assaulting two women. Julian Assange trial appeared calm, in a suit and shirt without [...]

Obama: The facts of the Wikileaks are “deplorable” and “irresponsible”


United States of America are concerned about the gangs of Chinese, Romanian and Albanian in Catalonia that creates networks of prostitution in the area. This shows a secret document of the American Embassy in Spain, revealed Wikileaks. For the first time since scandal diplomatic notes, Barack Obama criticized the more than 250,000 personal notes made [...]

Former members of Wikileaks has a rival project, OpenLeaks


Former members of the Wikileaks site,  dissatisfied by its founder Julian Assange , presented their  competitor project Friday called OpenLeaks, to be launched in the near future and will seek to facilitate the disclosure of information directly to the press. Unlike Wikileaks, the OpenLeaks site will  publish live on the Internet, but will also allow [...]

Wikileaks: Chinese lied with his economic performance!


The  data about Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of China are “made in pen” and mistrust, Li Keqiang said in 2007, one senior Chinese officials and perhaps the Asian country’s next prime minister, said in a note published by Wikileaks U.S. embassy writes Reuters. Li Keqiang, China’s current and former deputy governor of the province, made [...]

Wikileaks founder,Julian Assange was arrested!


Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was arrested Tuesday, British police said. “It is a political maneuver,” says his lawyer. Retention is related to two alleged rapes, claimed by two women in Sweden. According to BBC, British police received Monday a new international arrest warrant issued by the Swedish justice on behalf of Julian Assange, accused of [...]

The founder of Wikileaks:Obama should resign if he approved spying on UN officials!


American President, Barack Obama, should resign if he agreed that U.S. diplomats to spy on UN officials, said the founder of Wikileaks in an interview published Sunday by Spanish newspaper El Pais. “The whole chain of command was aware of this order and agreed to resign for the United States to be considered a credible [...]

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks is convinced he will be assassinated


Wikileaks site founder, Julian Assange, the most wanted man of the day, granted an interview Friday for British daily The Guardian, in which he made shocking confessions. Assange is hiding, apparently in the UK, but his arrest is just a matter of days, according to international media. However, Australian journalist gave an interview to The [...]

Wikileaks:Important Chinese officials are responsible for the disappearance of Google in China


U.S. diplomats who was  in post in Beijing said that  Chinese officials where suspected by cyber attack against Google, according to diplomatic notes revealed by Wikileaks site and posted on the newspaper’s The New York Times websit. “A well-placed contacts said that Chinese government has ordered Google’s recent intrusion into the system,” explains one of [...]

PayPal blocked Wikileaks account


Online payment service based in the U.S., PayPal announced that it has blocked financial transfers for the benefit of Wikileaks, the Web site who  revealed that U.S. diplomatic notes. “PayPal has always restricted the access to the account used by Wikileaks because of trade policy which prohibits the use PayPal online payment service to encourage, [...]

U.S. Army recommends soldiers from Iraq to avoid reading Wikileaks


The U.S. Army has posted on the Internet network used by American soldiers in Iraq a warning that Wikileaks published documents should not be consulted in order to soldiers to keep them away from these revelations, announced Saturday its spokesman. This warning appears automatically  Fridayon to military network, NIPRNet, when the user tries to access [...]

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