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At least 38 protesters and ten policemen were wounded in clashes in London


At least 38 demonstrators and ten policemen were injured, some seriously, during clashes between students and security forces on Thursday in London after  the deputies voted for the increase in university fees. According to the most recent balance sheet, ten police officers and 38 protesters were injured, some seriously, while 22 people were detained for [...]

17 people have died in Haiti in a bus accident


Seventeen people were killed Saturday in southern Haiti, in a collision between a bus and a truck, about 200 km from the capital Port-au-Prince, said local police, quoted by AFP. The two vehicles collided in the Macea area, “in a hidden corner of demonstrators burned remains of a car during last Sunday’s elections”, AFP said [...]

Plane crash in Moscow! Two people died and 50 injured


At least two people died and 40 others were injured after a Tupolev plane from Daghestan Airlines company went  off the runway during an emergency landing made  Saturday on Domodedovo airport in Moscow. It seems that the three engines of the aircraft had crashed. The airport said that in  aircraft Tu-154 were 155 people. According [...]

Seven dead and around 67 wounded in South Africa, following a violent storm


Seven people were killed and 67 were injured after a storm accompanied by lightning, which broke out during a Christmas party organized by a nursery in the province of KwaZulu Natal, located in eastern South Africa. “It was cloudy and suddenly a storm broke. Lightning caused the deaths of five people on the spot and [...]

Skyscrapers in Shanghai on fire! Eight people died, 90 are injured


At least eight people were killed after a powerful explosion, which took place on Monday, around 14 local time in Shanghai. The incident took place in a skyscraper, which was engulfed in huge flames. Local news agencies say there are at least 90 people injured. 28-story building was in the business and is under renovation. [...]

Check the cholera epidemic in Haiti: 917 dead and over 14,000 patients


Cholera continues to victims in Haiti. According to data released Sunday by the Haitian Ministry of Health, the balance of deaths has reached 917, with 121 more than on Friday. The same report shows that the number of patients exceeded 14,600. A previous assessment, released Friday, announcing 796 dead, including 13 in the capital, Port-au-Prince, [...]

Merapi eruption made 240 victims so far

Merapi Volcano

Check of  Merapi eruption in Indonesia, which began on October 26 came to 240 dead after the discovery of new bodies, an official said on Saturday the teams help. “Merapi eruption balance stood at 240 dead. Around 390,000 people were forced to leave home” to settle in makeshift camps, an official said on condition of [...]

New stock of the cholera epidemic in Haiti: 643 deaths and 9971 hospitalizations


Cholera epidemic affecting the mid-October Haiti worsened, the last balance sheet showing the death of 643 persons and 9971 hospitalizations, the Public Health Ministry announced Wednesday. A formal review previously released Tuesday, indicated 583 people dead and more than 9,000 hospitalized. Only on Tuesday, 46 deaths were recorded in the Artibonite department, located in the [...]

Illinois Laws Do Not Protect Overdose Victims Who Need Medical Help

Illinois Laws Do Not Protect Overdose Victims Who Need Medical Help

According to authorities the area have a 50 % more higher rate of  people with heroin problems than New York, which ranked second. Many of those in that situation are refusing to use the emergency medical services because of fear to be arrested. In 2006, a man in St. Charles died when his friends, unable [...]

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