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A secret document showing that Germany had tried to prevent war in Iraq


A secret document which has notes from a meeting of a leading German diplomat Condoleezza Rice a few weeks before the invasion of Iraq, show that the German government tried to prevent war, according to Der Spiegel. The meeting, which lasted 90 minutes, took place in Washington in February 2003, between Klaus Scharioth, state secretary [...]

G20 leaders solve minor problems. The Currency War continuous


G20 summit in Seoul was dominated by conflicting interests of the participating countries, the leaders failed to reach a consensus on the most important items on the agenda. G20 has failed to end the “war of exchange” between the U.S. and China to start applying a uniform set of policies would be followed to establish [...]

A convicted in Oklahoma may be made with an anesthetic for animals


National stock affected by the lack of anesthesia used in executions, Oklahoma State (South America) wants to replace it with a product used to euthanize animals, but must respond, first, to justice for this. For several months, some U.S. states are facing problems finding thiopenthan the only anesthetic approved nationally as the first of three [...]

The package bomb intercepted in United Kingdom was scheduled to explode over the United States


The parcel bomb discovered in late October in a plane made a stopover on the regional airport in the East Midlands and English who came from Yemen was scheduled to explode “over the U.S. east coast, British police announced yesterday. “A detailed examination showed that if the explosive device would be activated (as was planned), [...]

Dogs as a bomb! Intestines filled with explosives by terrorists


Islamic terrorists have wanted to use as a bomb dog trap! France’s Le Figaro say the U.S. military has discovered two years ago, the airport in Baghdad, Iraq, two dogs whose intestines were filled with explosives. The case dates back two years, but was only made public today. If it would not be discovered journalists [...]

Republicans could force Obama to amend health legislation and financial sector reform

Barack Obama

Motivated by a landslide victory in the mid-term elections in the United States, when they took the majority in the House of Representatives, Republican leaders have wasted no time letting the democrats and the president and Barack Obama that the days when a single party control power are counted and that the legislative process in [...]

United States receive criticism from all sides because the decision to print money


U.S. decision to pump 600 billion dollars into the economy has sparked a wave of strong disapproval. World leaders, who are preparing for the G20 summit in Seoul this week, warns that the move will complicate U.S. global economic recovery. The extent to print U.S. dollars was felt in financial markets, where stock markets and [...]

Obama Announced that the Millitary Mission in Iraq is Over


The seven years of American combat mission in Iraq finally came to an end, as President Obama declared.  On Tuesday the Unites States president said : “Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United States and Iraq, we have met our responsibility. Now, it’s time to turn the page.” He also praise the [...]

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