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A plane has exceeded the runway in the UK, amid bad weather


A plane with 196 passengers on board went beyond the runway Thursday evening, Newcastle airport, because of ice formed from snow and cold temperatures in Britain, reports Sky News. No person on board a Thomsonfly Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which came from the Spanish island of Lanzarote, was not injured. Newcastle Airport was closed for a [...]

The package bomb intercepted in United Kingdom was scheduled to explode over the United States


The parcel bomb discovered in late October in a plane made a stopover on the regional airport in the East Midlands and English who came from Yemen was scheduled to explode “over the U.S. east coast, British police announced yesterday. “A detailed examination showed that if the explosive device would be activated (as was planned), [...]

Shock Measure in Britain: the unemployed, put to work for free


United Kingdom intends to take a measure to combat unemployment less common: the unemployed to order community service work. The bill will be presented this week and assumed that the 1.2 million unemployed people living in the UK to work no less than 30 hours per week of community service, to associations or even private [...]

Queen of UK gathered 60,000 fans on the first day of enrollment up in Facebook


Queen of Great Britain gathered up to 60,000 fans on the first day that has created a page on the largest social network in the world. British monarchy’s Facebook page does not allow users to “befriend” the queen or to send messages, but offers news and information on royal agenda. Monday afternoon, hours after queen [...]

Legislative proposal in U.K: all salaries must pass thru IRS before reaching the employees.


UK IRS has made a legislative proposal that all employers will have to send staff salaries due to the state first, the authorities will retain the appropriate taxes, and then sent back by bank transfer net salaries of employees, says CNBC. The proposal developed by the Department of Taxes to HM Government will provide real [...]

UK official criticize video game with Taliban role

Medal Of Honor (E.A GAMES)

“Tasteless product” is the term that Britain’s defense secretary used to describe a video game that allows players to adopt the role of a Taliban. Liam Fox is calling the retailers to show their support for the troops and chose not to sell the game. The secretary also said that he was “disgusted and angry” [...]

Barclaycard joins forces with the Co-operative Food

Barclaycard joins forces with the Co-operative Food

Barclaycard joins forces with the Co-operative Food as it becomes the UK’s first major grocery retailer to introduce contactless payment in its stores nationwide. The contactless roll-out will begin with a pilot in 100 Co-operative food stores next year after an agreement was signed with Barclaycard in partnership with Visa. If the pilot is successful, [...]

Tesco Offer on Festival Headliners this Summer

Tesco Offer on Festival Headliners this Summer

With summer festival season in full swing Tesco is today announcing a special deal this summer giving away extra Clubcard points to customers purchasing headliner releases from their dedicated entertainment website: Whether you have been able to catch your favourite act or not this summer, Tesco Entertainment is offering a unique deal that will [...]

How to Avoid Excessive Car Rental Costs

How to Avoid Excessive Car Rental Costs

As car hire prices continue to climb and getting a car on holiday goes on being a potentially costly process, award-winning car hire price comparator is giving out advice to help people stay aware of how to get the very best value for money by avoiding the extra costs. The award-winning comparison site recently [...]

The UK’s most Popular Illustrator, celebrates the Henley Royal Regatta

The UK's most Popular Illustrator, celebrates the Henley Royal Regatta

Sue Macartney-Snape, award winning artist and illustrator of the ‘Social Stereotypes’ column in the Saturday Telegraph, pays homage to one of the UK’s most loved sporting events in a magnificent illustration of Henley Royal Regatta. Macartney-Snape has been the Saturday Telegraph Magazine’s illustrator for over 15 years, and has a reputation as the finest in [...]

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