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Modest increase in U.S. stock market, pending approval of tax cuts plan


U.S. stock indexes began the trading session Monday with modest growth, supported by the prospect of tax cuts plan approval from the U.S., writes Reuters. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.15% at the beginning of the hearing, Standard & Poor’s has appreciated by 0.17% while the Nasdaq hover near the threshold of closing Friday. [...]

Wikileaks: Al-Qaeda was planning attacks against George W. Bush in the 2008 Olympic Games


Number two in the hierarchy of Al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri ordered terrorist attacks against U.S. President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, according to a diplomatic note obtained by Wikileaks. “According to Chinese intelligence officers at the beginning of July 2008, the [...]

Iran accuses IAEA of spying


Iranian Minister of Information, Heidar Moslehi,  accused Saturday the International Energy Agency. Atomic spies say that instead of sending inspectors to monitor Iran’s nuclear program, RIA Novosti, according to Tuesday. According to him, inspectors sent by the IAEA are  espionage, and the agency must take responsibility. Minister launched the allegations before the resumption of negotiations [...]

There is a risk of a new North Korean attack on South!


A week of bombing Pyongyang claimed four dead and 20 wounded in South Korean island, North Korean authorities would be able to attack the South again, reports BBC. The information comes from a South Korean official in the intelligence just hours after officials in Seoul have said they plan several military exercises with the Americans. [...]

Putin announces that Russia will strengthen its nuclear forces if the U.S. does not ratify the START Treaty!


Russia will be forced to strengthen its nuclear forces if the new START treaty will not  be ratified by the United States by the end of the year, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNN, to be released Wednesday. “It is not our choice. We do not want to happen. But [...]

U.S. and South Korea at risk to unleash war if they go on with military maneuvers, said authorities in Pyongyang


North Korea warned on Tuesday that military exercises conducted by U.S. and South Korea could lead to an outbreak of “war at any moment.” Aclear message was sent through the central agency of the North Korean news. If U.S. forces or  South Korean throws a crust territory of North Korea will have to pay  for [...]

Wikileaks: nuclear weapons owned by U.S. stationed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey


Nuclear weapons belonging to the United States are stationed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey, show documents quoted by the website Wikileaks, inform EUObserver electronic publication. The four countries together with Italy, have long been suspected that allow storage of U.S. nuclear weapons, but neither NATO nor the Member shall not negate nor confirm [...]

Americans working in the federal system will have frozen wages, Obama announces!


President Barack Obama will announce Monday the freezing of salaries in the federal system, following pressure from the opposition and amid worsening budget deficit, PA sources said, quoted by the Washington Post. The official announcement will be made Monday afternoon – East coast time. The measure will be implemented over a period of two years [...]

Wikileaks: The reason for Google left China


The United States is convinced that Chinese authorities are involved in computer piracy Google and Western states, according to secret documents revealed by the  New York Times Sunday. Among the revealed secret diplomatic telegrams website Wikileaks, a document from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing cites a “Chinese source” that the communist regime played a role [...]

Wikileaks: French’s intention to sell Russia the Mistral ship is an intense concern for U.S.


The United States expressed in February, to France,the  “concern” about proposed sales  warship Mistral to Russia, considering this decision an “inappropriate message” sent to Moscow, according to U.S. diplomatic telegram released by Wikileaks . This diplomatic telegram, one of the 250,000 disclosed Internet site Wikileaks, is a summary of a meeting between French Defense Minister [...]

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