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David Cameron: From 2015 there will be no British troops in Afghanistan


British Prime Minister, David Cameron has expressed Saturday, following the NATO summit in Lisbon, “firm commitment” that there will be no British troops fighting in Afghanistan since 2015, according to AFP. “Since 2015, there will be no combat troops,” Cameron said in a press conference. “It’s a commitment,” he said. Britain has 9,500 troops in [...]

British want’s William as a king, not Charles

Britain's Prince William smiles as he walks with his girlfriend Kate Middleton at RAF Cranwell, central England

The close marriage of Prince William with girlfriend Kate Middleton made the British to see with new eyes the succession to the throne. According to a survey published by the Daily Mail, 55 percent of Brits want William to become king and not Charles. 56 percent of Britons believe that William would be a better [...]

British Schools install face recognition systems, for students not to be late


Several schools in Britain have bought and installed face recognition systems that students are required to use them to approach being to persuade the school to delay no longer, reports the Daily Mail. Inner edge scans children’s faces when they enter school, the technology being used for school management to know who came to school [...]

UK wants to get rid of holdings in the banks


Britain has pledged more money to bail out the banks during the crisis than any other project in the history of the country except the World Wars, writes Bloomberg. And the costs continue to rise while the Government tries to find ways to get your money back. While U.S. banks, French and Swiss have returned [...]

Legislative proposal in U.K: all salaries must pass thru IRS before reaching the employees.


UK IRS has made a legislative proposal that all employers will have to send staff salaries due to the state first, the authorities will retain the appropriate taxes, and then sent back by bank transfer net salaries of employees, says CNBC. The proposal developed by the Department of Taxes to HM Government will provide real [...]

Head of the Daimler truck division of UK, arrested

daimler trucks

Division Head of Daimler Trucks in the UK, Ian Jones, was arrested following an investigation by UK antitrust authorities on forming a price cartel by several manufacturers of vehicles, Jones, who heads the British arm of Mercedes-Benz truck, was detained by police this week said Mercedes spokesman. Business Office correctness, is investigating the Mercedes, Volvo [...]

HSBC Chairman Green to be UK trade minister

stephen green hsbc

Chairman of HSBC,  Stephen Green is leaving the bank to become the trade minister in the U.K. coalition government, the BBC reported. “Stephen Green, chairman of HSBC, is quitting to become trade minister in the coalition government,” the BBC’s business editor Robert Peston wrote in his online blog. Separately, Sky News reported Tuesday that Green [...]

HSBC threatens to leave London if the British government will decide to divide banks


HSBC  might move its headquarters from London if the British government will decide to divide the big banks. Stuart Gulliver, head of investment bank said in a press conference he was “worried” that the banking supervisory committee will recommend the division of banks. The decision “has clear implications on the choice of the institution’s premises,” [...]

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