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North Korea threatens with nuclear war! South Korea prepares


Tensions reach alarming levels in the Korean peninsula. After numerous attacks by the North, now  Southern ignores the Communists call for the termination of military preparations. In response, Pyongyang threatened with nuclear war. US-South Korean cooperation could trigger a nuclear war in South-East Asia after South Korea began military maneuvers and had not stopped at [...]

Fight in South Korean Parliament

Parliament of South Korea has turned again into a fight arena between political party representatives. Opposition MPs have occupied the lobby of the building and blocked access roads to prevent the budget vote. In turn, representatives of power, tried to force the passage at any cost. The dispute started a program of development of rivers, [...]

South Korea will attack North ift hey will continue to create problems!


South Korea has had enough of the problems makes by North and said it would launch the planes to bomb North Korea if Pyongyang dare to attack again. The statement was made Friday by Kim Kwan-jin, the new Minister of Defense of South Korea. “If the enemy attacks our territory and people again, we will [...]

There is a risk of a new North Korean attack on South!


A week of bombing Pyongyang claimed four dead and 20 wounded in South Korean island, North Korean authorities would be able to attack the South again, reports BBC. The information comes from a South Korean official in the intelligence just hours after officials in Seoul have said they plan several military exercises with the Americans. [...]

North Korea responds with a “merciless counterattack ” in case of intrusion into territorial waters


North Korea will retaliate with a “merciless military counterattack” before any intrusion in the space of sea, announced Sunday, the government in Pyongyang. North Korea will carry out a military counterattack without mercy at the slightest attempt to penetrate its maritime space in the future, “states the communique published by the Communist party newspaper, Rodong [...]

North Korean attack is linked to the succession of power in North Korea, U.S. officials think


North Korean attack on a South Korean island is probably related to the succession of President Kim Jong-Il said Wednesday interarme U.S. Chief of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen. “We believe that this sequence is also linked to this young 27-year-old, who will take over a given time,” Admiral Mullen said, referring to Kim Jong-Un, son [...]

The dollar rose sharply after the armed attack in Korea


The U.S. dollar rose sharply Tuesday amid news about North Korea’s attack on an island south of the border, investors trying to secure placements in terms of geopolitical risks in addition to concerns about the current state debt crisis. The dollar gained 0.4% ahead of the euro in the morning, being quoted at $ 1.3561 [...]

Tens of thousands of North Koreans have fled the communist country


South Korea announced Monday that North Korea runagate number exceeded 20,000, while the living north of the border was damaged, reports said. A woman aged 41 years and his two sons were the last North Korean who managed to escape to the South through China, said officials from the Ministry of Unification in Seoul. Tens [...]

Washington Times newspaper sold for $1

washington paper for 1$ dollar

Washington Times newspaper will be sold for a dollar, with all its financial obligations, by a group affiliated with the Unitarian Church to another group belonging to the same worship, Media Week informs. Pastor Sun Myung Moon wants to regain control of the Washington Times, after the South Korean leader’s allies agreed to buy the [...]

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