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Putin: “Russia will spend 646 billion dollars for rearmament by 2020 “


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced Monday that the government will allocate 646 billion dollars for army modernization by 2020, Reuters. The armed forces called for increased funding for modernization of weapons systems and aging, which undermines performance in local conflicts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “We allocate serious funds, significant for rearmament [...]

Three Russian satellites fell into the Pacific Ocean


Three Russian satellite fell into the Pacific on Sunday, after a failed takeoff, in an action of the Kremlin aimed at implementing a system based on GPS technology. Russian news agency, quoted by Reuters said that three satellites have deviated from the track and fell near Hawaii, after being launched from the Space Center in [...]

Vladimir Putin spoke to Americans. In Larry King’s TV show


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appeared on Larry King’s show and discussed thorny issues such as disclosures made by Wikileaks, the crisis in North Korea and anti-missile shield in Europe. Putin appeared on the show in Moscow, via a satellite link. He addressed the American people with a message about anti-missile shield. ‘I want American [...]

Wikileaks: Russia is “almost an mafia state”!


Russia is an “almost mafia state”, where political parties work “hand in hand” with organized crime, like a Spanish prosecutor quoted in a U.S. diplomatic note obtained by Wikileaks, published Wednesday by the British newspaper The Guardian. Prosecutor Jose Gonzalez, about ten years investigating Russian organized crime, “believes that it can not make a distinction [...]

Putin announces that Russia will strengthen its nuclear forces if the U.S. does not ratify the START Treaty!


Russia will be forced to strengthen its nuclear forces if the new START treaty will not  be ratified by the United States by the end of the year, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNN, to be released Wednesday. “It is not our choice. We do not want to happen. But [...]

Wikileaks: French’s intention to sell Russia the Mistral ship is an intense concern for U.S.


The United States expressed in February, to France,the  “concern” about proposed sales  warship Mistral to Russia, considering this decision an “inappropriate message” sent to Moscow, according to U.S. diplomatic telegram released by Wikileaks . This diplomatic telegram, one of the 250,000 disclosed Internet site Wikileaks, is a summary of a meeting between French Defense Minister [...]

Russia wants new shipping bases overseas


Russia is considering whether to establish new naval base of support in foreign countries, President Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday, while Russian troops withdrew from Vietnam and Cuba in 2001. “I will not hide that we have some ideas on this subject, but I will not say exactly where, for obvious reasons,” Medvedev said at a [...]

Obama had promised more money for nuclear arsenal in exchange for approval of the START Treaty


Obama administration would have offered to spend four billion dollars plus five years for the production of nuclear weapons in exchange for the adoption in Congress of the START Treaty with Russia. Republicans have conditioned their support for this treaty to supplement the budget for weapons production facilities in the country. White House officials went [...]

Russian assassin sent to liquidate the one who betrayed their sexy spy


According to a Kremlin official quoted by a newspaper in Russia, authorities have sent a hitman to eliminate Colonel Shcherbakov. He is the man who unmasked Anna Chapman and nine other spies in the U.S.. Anonymous, but from the Government a senior official told a journalist from the daily Kommersant that the agent “Mercader” was [...]

Russia, China and Japan will build a chemical complex one billion dollars


Russia, China and Japan will sign a one billion dollar contract to build a chemical complex in the Russian republic of Tatarstan, near the Volga River, said Russian presidential adviser Sergei Prikhodko. The contract would be signed at the summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, which will be held in Yokohama this weekend. The meeting will [...]

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