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Assange, the Wikileaks founder is hiding in Britain, according to media!


Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks site targeted by an Interpol warrant, lies in south-east England, according to The Independent, quoted on Tuesday. According to the newspaper, Scotland Yard awaiting instructions to arrest. Assange, 39, is wanted by the Swedish authorities in a case of rape. He denies the allegations. On November 20, Interpol issued an [...]

A student from Wisconsin took hostages 23 fellow!


15-year-old high school student broke into a classroom and took hostage the 23 students and a teacher, whom he threatened with a gun. Five of the captives were released shortly after the outbreak of the crisis. Authorities negotiated with the attacker for 5 hours until he agreed to release the hostages. When they heard three [...]

VIDEO:ABOULIC catch made by police in Brazil: 40 tons of marijuana!


Elite troops backed by armor and helicopters have embraced more “fave” poor hoods on the outskirts of metropolitan Rio, dominated for more than 20 years of drug traffickers. In many homes, entire rooms were used as storage for huge quantities of drugs. A large part of the drugs were already packed and ready to be [...]

Suicide live via internet! The Japanese Police confirms death of a 24 years old man


Drama in Japan.A 24 year old man  decided to end his days in a very original way: live, via Internet. Local media reported that some live chat users have urged him to quit while others claimed that he sleeping. Young began broadcasting with a noose around his neck and called the police who have looked [...]

Vegetation fires redouble Bulgaria. Another 30 new outbreaks have occurred


Some 30 vegetation fires broke out Thursday in Bulgaria, the total number of outbreaks was 264, according to Nikola Nikoloc, national director of fire. The situation is critical, near Sofia, and in the northwest, in Botevgrad, PraveŇ£, Etropole and Montana, but also in Lovech, Troyan and Teteven. In the region of Sofia, on Wednesday evening [...]

9,000 police officers mobilized for security in Indonesia Obama


Indonesian authorities have taken strict security measures during the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama. Approximately 9,000 police officers were deployed to maintain security during Obama’s first visit to Jakarta as the U.S. president. The head of traffic police in Jakarta, Royke Lumowa said the convoy will travel the streets where the U.S. President will [...]

Protest in Hong Kong

china protest2

The protest from Hong Kong over Manila Siege estimated the crowd at 80,000 people, but the police put it at 30,000.Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents protested Sunday on the streets against Philippine government and how it handled a bus siege in Manila last Monday that ended in the shooting deaths of eight Hong [...]

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