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Richard Holbrooke has died at the age of 69 years

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, Barack Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan and, according to the U.S. President, a “true giant of American foreign policy,” died Monday night, three days after suffering a heart attack. “America has lost this evening on one of its strongest defenders and one of its most loyal servants,” said Secretary of State Hillary [...]

The main Palestinian negotiator asks U.S. to recognize the Palestinian state


The main Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erakat urges U.S. to recognize a Palestinian state within 1967 borders, denouncing the “dictates” of Israel. Senior Israeli and Palestinian officials go to Washington to try to save peace talks after U.S. failure to obtain blocking Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who demanded a moratorium [...]

Talibans: Barack Obama’s visit to Afghanistan was an act of “desperation”


Taliban insurgents have said that recent visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in Afghanistan is  an act of desperation “after nine years of war”, said Monday the U.S. central monitoring Islamist websites. Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Friday, where he addressed troops at Bagram air base and they said it would “fail [...]

The founder of Wikileaks:Obama should resign if he approved spying on UN officials!


American President, Barack Obama, should resign if he agreed that U.S. diplomats to spy on UN officials, said the founder of Wikileaks in an interview published Sunday by Spanish newspaper El Pais. “The whole chain of command was aware of this order and agreed to resign for the United States to be considered a credible [...]

Vladimir Putin spoke to Americans. In Larry King’s TV show


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appeared on Larry King’s show and discussed thorny issues such as disclosures made by Wikileaks, the crisis in North Korea and anti-missile shield in Europe. Putin appeared on the show in Moscow, via a satellite link. He addressed the American people with a message about anti-missile shield. ‘I want American [...]

Americans working in the federal system will have frozen wages, Obama announces!


President Barack Obama will announce Monday the freezing of salaries in the federal system, following pressure from the opposition and amid worsening budget deficit, PA sources said, quoted by the Washington Post. The official announcement will be made Monday afternoon – East coast time. The measure will be implemented over a period of two years [...]

Wikileaks documents offers a different picture of the work of American embassies


Wikileaks documents provides an insight into other embassies americaneDocumentele diplomatic activity revealed by Wikileaks, many dating from the last three years, offers an unprecedented view on the work of American embassies around the world, views on foreign leaders or terrorist threat assessments, comments on New York Times. According to the online edition of the American [...]

12 stitches for Barack Obama


President Barack Obama was hit with the elbow in the face during a basketball game played yesterday. After that, he stuck with 12 stitches to the lip, told the press house White. Obama, an avid basketball player, was injured during a game with friends and family of 10 people at Fort McNair, an American military [...]

Barack Obama has launched a children book, entitled “Of Thee I Sing”


A children’s book written by President Barack Obama, was released in the United States. The volume has 31 pages and is titled “Of Thee I Sing”. The book presents several portraits of American heroes, such as the first President George Washington or Georgia Okiffe artist. The volume also contains illustrations, made by famous Loren Long. [...]

Barack Obama greeted by a humanoid robot Asia-Pacific summit


Asia-Pacific summit in Japan, met President Barack Obama, in addition to heads of state and government, some more unusual characters. Obama was greeted on a corridor,by  a humanoid robot. The President then had a chance to caresses robotic pups, another achievement, which became famous, the Japanese industry’s profile. “Meeting with robots was probably more enjoyable [...]

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