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Over one billion of the $ 100 bills were printed wrong by U.S.


In total, over 110 billion dollars have been seized in America because of the errors. It seems that some notes were crimped during production and no longer meet the elements of safety, officials say that 100 American dollars were printed wrong by U.S. How many employees would lose 20 years if we were to sort [...]

The truth was revealed: Gianni Versace was murdered by the mafia!


The information was released by a former gangster, Giuseppe Di Bella. He said that the famous Gianni Versace was murdered by the mafia in 1997, on the steps of his home in Miami, because he had debts to the “Godfather” of the organization. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Giuseppe Di Bella said that  Versace [...]

USA:Unemployment is 10% because of the billions spent to rescue banks!


The American dream is officially over. With a 10% unemployment rate and one in seven Americans living in poverty, American analysts say the U.S. is no longer the Promised Land. Everything comes from the trillions spent to rescue the banking system. Loss U.S. comes from billions of dollars spent on saving the banking system. Official [...]

She bought … The Sun!


Just because you pay taxes on large lot, a woman decided that one will not hurt, so he decided to tell the world that Sun bought it, and wants money from the Earth to continue to enjoy light and heat! La Voz de Galicia:  the woman is From Galicia and went to a notary to [...]

G20 leaders solve minor problems. The Currency War continuous


G20 summit in Seoul was dominated by conflicting interests of the participating countries, the leaders failed to reach a consensus on the most important items on the agenda. G20 has failed to end the “war of exchange” between the U.S. and China to start applying a uniform set of policies would be followed to establish [...]

Obama had promised more money for nuclear arsenal in exchange for approval of the START Treaty


Obama administration would have offered to spend four billion dollars plus five years for the production of nuclear weapons in exchange for the adoption in Congress of the START Treaty with Russia. Republicans have conditioned their support for this treaty to supplement the budget for weapons production facilities in the country. White House officials went [...]

Reactions to the proposal to restore the gold standard, “World Bank chief lives in the past”


The proposal made Monday by the head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, in an article published in the Financial Times as a standard for placing the world monetary gold, was rejected by economists in the pages of the same publication. Fred Bergsten, director of the Institute for International Economics in Washington, World Bank chief [...]

The Currency War


The ’30s Scenario seems to repeat , gossips claim the crisis that devastated the world’s major economies prepared to continue with a foreign war went straight. The trenches are now equity hedge funds run by specialist behind which are sometimes even governments and central banks seeking to maintain economic competitiveness. Leaders from 20 countries of [...]

Types of Tax Fraud


According the law, tax fraud occurs when an individual or corporation enters into an illegal scheme to avoid paying taxes.Almost every year , the government estimated that about 12-14%  of federal revenues are disappearing because of tax fraud. Types of Tax Fraud There are many schemes employed to avoid paying taxes. Common types of tax [...]

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Considering that the housing market collapse of a few years ago, and many people are in desperate need to sell their houses because they cannot afford mortgage payments, most of them are facing foreclosure. Now after the crisis hit, the jobless rate is around 10 percent and still there is no hope that will drop [...]

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