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International Monetary Fund revived by global economic crisis


Institution who a few decades ago seemed idle and irrelevant, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has regained the fundamental role in the repair of the world economy. Only this year has provided credit lines to countries like Colombia, El Salvador, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico and Ukraine. With Ireland’s entry to the group member who received financial [...]

New trends in the global economy dizzy multinational companies


Leaders of the G20 countries discussed in Seoul about rebalancing the world economy and multinational executives trying to figure out who will be the most appropriate move. The Chinese have become in recent years the most attractive target for Western companies considering that most markets here recorded double-digit annual increases. The consulting company Bain & [...]

G20: Europe caught in the middle between China and the U.S.


The battle started between U.S. and Chinese exchange risk to casualties, especially among European countries. Economic analysts predict that the G20 summit that opens today in Seoul, may turn into a battleground for war exchange. While the American Federal Reserve (FED) has decided to inject 600 billion dollars to finance the economy China criticizes the [...]

G20 summit is under the sign of division: the different interests of the great powers divided the world into two


Unit shown by the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies in the G20 meetings during the economic crisis has disappeared distinct divisions created by the interests of the participating States will make its mark on the summit in Seoul, South Korea. Crisis and economic recovery policies in two different speeds (high and low for [...]

Euro 2012 is a recognition for Polish economic performance


Marcin Hera, the man behind the preparations for the 2012 European Football Championship in Poland, is among the few who can say that he started his career down (from a gas station pump) and has become one of the most important Organizers of sporting events. He began work in 1995 for Polish oil company Lotos [...]

The Currency War


The ’30s Scenario seems to repeat , gossips claim the crisis that devastated the world’s major economies prepared to continue with a foreign war went straight. The trenches are now equity hedge funds run by specialist behind which are sometimes even governments and central banks seeking to maintain economic competitiveness. Leaders from 20 countries of [...]

Exports Amplify U.S. Agriculture Sector

Exports Amplify U.S. Agriculture Sector

Specialists believes that agriculture was one of the few sectors in the economy of U.S. that was not affected in such drastically measure like others  by crisis. It is estimated that America’s  agricultural exports will  reach $107.5 billion in the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, the second-highest amount ever, behind the record $115.3 billion [...]

China Preoccupied to Maintain its Economic Growth

China Preoccupied to Maintain its Economic Growth

China’s   rapid growth is due by allowing once-suppressed private entrepreneurs to prosper.The socialist system seems to be more advantage , like Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said : “enable us to make decisions efficiently, organize effectively and concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings.” Now,  it is often China’s state-run companies that are on the march.The [...]

Boehner and Biden Economy Plan

Boehner and Biden Economy Plan

Vice President Biden notice that the Administration should take John Boehner’s proposal to fire Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Economic adviser Larry Summers and the rest of the economic panel. Biden consider this  a :“Very constructive advice, and we thank the leader for that.” This of course will be a big mistake to remove the [...]

How to Protect Sanibel Florida Beaches

How to Protect Sanibel Florida Beaches

With the news focused on the BP – Deepwater Horizon oil spill and recent reports of its encroachment on northern Gulf of Mexico beaches, concern by would-be vacationers to Southwest Florida beaches is understandable. Notwithstanding that the oil is concentrated hundreds of miles from the Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel, and the beaches are [...]

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