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Unprecedented boycott made by China against Nobel Prize


China’s campaign to boycott the ceremony to award the Nobel Peace Prize got big after another 18 countries joined Beijing’s invitation to not attend Friday in Oslo, writes Financial Times. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Pakistan are among the 19 states. Norwegian Nobel awards committee has accused China of applying unprecedented pressure to boycott the [...]

International Monetary Fund revived by global economic crisis


Institution who a few decades ago seemed idle and irrelevant, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has regained the fundamental role in the repair of the world economy. Only this year has provided credit lines to countries like Colombia, El Salvador, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico and Ukraine. With Ireland’s entry to the group member who received financial [...]

There is a risk of a new North Korean attack on South!


A week of bombing Pyongyang claimed four dead and 20 wounded in South Korean island, North Korean authorities would be able to attack the South again, reports BBC. The information comes from a South Korean official in the intelligence just hours after officials in Seoul have said they plan several military exercises with the Americans. [...]

Wikileaks documents offers a different picture of the work of American embassies


Wikileaks documents provides an insight into other embassies americaneDocumentele diplomatic activity revealed by Wikileaks, many dating from the last three years, offers an unprecedented view on the work of American embassies around the world, views on foreign leaders or terrorist threat assessments, comments on New York Times. According to the online edition of the American [...]

Skyscrapers in Shanghai on fire! Eight people died, 90 are injured


At least eight people were killed after a powerful explosion, which took place on Monday, around 14 local time in Shanghai. The incident took place in a skyscraper, which was engulfed in huge flames. Local news agencies say there are at least 90 people injured. 28-story building was in the business and is under renovation. [...]

G20 leaders solve minor problems. The Currency War continuous


G20 summit in Seoul was dominated by conflicting interests of the participating countries, the leaders failed to reach a consensus on the most important items on the agenda. G20 has failed to end the “war of exchange” between the U.S. and China to start applying a uniform set of policies would be followed to establish [...]

New trends in the global economy dizzy multinational companies


Leaders of the G20 countries discussed in Seoul about rebalancing the world economy and multinational executives trying to figure out who will be the most appropriate move. The Chinese have become in recent years the most attractive target for Western companies considering that most markets here recorded double-digit annual increases. The consulting company Bain & [...]

Beijing residents will have water from melted snow this winter


China, which faces a chronic lack of water will collect and melt the snow this winter for some to fuel tanks,according to city officials. Three rivers serve as reservoirs, which will be transported snow melted. Two vehicles capable of melting snow and water to make 100 cubic meters of snow per hour will be positioned [...]

Fed is about to play the strongest hand poker in world history of monetary policy


Head of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Ben Bernanke, is about to play the strongest hand in poker history of monetary policy by trying to force China to abandon the fixed exchange rate of yuan-dollar, believes Peter Navarro, professor of economics at the University of California-Irvine. This is high stakes poker, comments Navarro Even if Bernanke [...]

“World War III” begins at G20 summit


Leaders of the 20 largest economies the world meet in Seoul in the G20 summit on November 11, the day that Nostradamus had predicted it would break a World War III. The premises of such a conflict exists, but not militarily, but economically, the United States and China as protagonists. The government announced just before [...]

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