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Obama: The facts of the Wikileaks are “deplorable” and “irresponsible”


United States of America are concerned about the gangs of Chinese, Romanian and Albanian in Catalonia that creates networks of prostitution in the area. This shows a secret document of the American Embassy in Spain, revealed Wikileaks. For the first time since scandal diplomatic notes, Barack Obama criticized the more than 250,000 personal notes made [...]

Surprise visit to Afghanistan for the President of America


United States President, Barack Obama made a surprise visit Friday to Afghanistan to meet with U.S. troops. Air Force One presidential plane landed in Afghan territory on Friday evening for a visit expected to last three hours and was kept secret for security reasons. Obama will remain at Bagram air base, located at 50 kilometers [...]

Vladimir Putin spoke to Americans. In Larry King’s TV show


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appeared on Larry King’s show and discussed thorny issues such as disclosures made by Wikileaks, the crisis in North Korea and anti-missile shield in Europe. Putin appeared on the show in Moscow, via a satellite link. He addressed the American people with a message about anti-missile shield. ‘I want American [...]

Barack Obama has launched a children book, entitled “Of Thee I Sing”


A children’s book written by President Barack Obama, was released in the United States. The volume has 31 pages and is titled “Of Thee I Sing”. The book presents several portraits of American heroes, such as the first President George Washington or Georgia Okiffe artist. The volume also contains illustrations, made by famous Loren Long. [...]

Obama laughs at presidential seal mishap during a meeting (VIDEO)


U.S. presidential administration seal fell from the platform where Barack Obama held a speech Tuesday night, causing the entire amusement halls. Obama interrupted his speech and leaned over to look where the presidential insignia fell, his tone serious for a minute getting the touches of comedy during a business conference. “Did that was … oh, [...]

U.S. wants to do by law that failed to make the market: the Chinese currency issue


House of Representatives in Congress is close to approving a resolution that would put pressure on China to allow yuan appreciation, announcing an increase in such trade disputes that last for several years. China’s cheap exports could suffer so, after U.S. officials of both the power and the opposition, have launched a legislative initiative that [...]

Obama boost the U.S. economy with $ 50 billion


U.S. President Barack Obama has launched a new infrastructure investment plan as part of efforts to revive the economy, writes. Under the plan, will be invested 50 billion dollarsĀ  in roads, railways and airports, railways, high-speed trains and in creating a bank for infrastructure projects. American Infrastructure has long been considered underfunded. The announcement comes [...]

Obama Visits US Injured Soldires Before Addressing the Nation

Wally reed

President Barack Obama has made a visit to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Monday. It was his second visit since taking office. He met there in private with more than 20 injured soldiers from the U.S. Military who had served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Some of them, got rewarded by the President, with [...]

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