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Putin announces that Russia will strengthen its nuclear forces if the U.S. does not ratify the START Treaty!


Russia will be forced to strengthen its nuclear forces if the new START treaty will not  be ratified by the United States by the end of the year, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNN, to be released Wednesday. “It is not our choice. We do not want to happen. But [...]

GM shares more expensive this action can bring them $ 12-billion

Ricoh Company Ltd.

General Motors, the U.S. giant has increased its share price which are the subject of a public tender to be launched Thursday after the originally announced sparked a huge interest. Was originally announced price of $ 26-29 per share value at which hopes to raise about 10 billion dollars. Brought massive investor interest offer up [...]

Tea Party Movement in the U.S., now raging, uncertain future


Analysts did not dispute the electoral success of the American conservative movement-election of November 2, but point out that its fate depends on many other coordinates. Sarah Palin, spearheading the movement’s Tea Party and possible Republican presidential candidate 2012. Conservative Movement Tea Party – an acronym for Taxed Enough Already (Charge already enough!) – Has [...]

A convicted in Oklahoma may be made with an anesthetic for animals


National stock affected by the lack of anesthesia used in executions, Oklahoma State (South America) wants to replace it with a product used to euthanize animals, but must respond, first, to justice for this. For several months, some U.S. states are facing problems finding thiopenthan the only anesthetic approved nationally as the first of three [...]

Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese democracy icon, has been released


Opposition Aung San Suu Kyi, the symbol of the struggle for democracy in Myanmar, was released Saturday after spending seven years under house arrest, said a Burmese official on condition of anonymity. Officials broke into her home around 17.00 local time to read the release order issued by the junta, the day ended and the [...]

Obama had promised more money for nuclear arsenal in exchange for approval of the START Treaty


Obama administration would have offered to spend four billion dollars plus five years for the production of nuclear weapons in exchange for the adoption in Congress of the START Treaty with Russia. Republicans have conditioned their support for this treaty to supplement the budget for weapons production facilities in the country. White House officials went [...]

The alleged organizer of the terrorist attacks of September 11, remained in jail without trial


The alleged organizer of the September 11 attacks in the United States, Khaled Sheik Mohammed will likely remain in jail without trial. Citing U.S. administration officials who requested anonymity to be respected, the newspaper says that Barack Obama’s administration concluded that Mohammed can not bring before a federal court due to opposition congressmen and New [...]

Investors queue for shares GM: request for 60 billion dollars

Show Car

The largest U.S. automaker, General Motors, which is preparing to launch an initial public offering worth pre-ordering has already attracted 60 billion dollars, six times more than planned to raise, a sign of recovery company almost a year now on the verge of collapse, says Reuters, citing sources close to the company. Interest high for [...]

Around 10,000 people protested in Seoul against the G20 summit:VIDEO


Incidents in the Seoul, before the G20 summit. 10,000 people clashed with police in the South Korean capital. People took to the streets for better paid jobs and trade liberalization. Leaders of states with the strongest economies in the world discussed ways to mitigate the global economic imbalances. One of the main items on the [...]

Suicide attack against NATO in Kabul


An Afghan military was slightly injured Friday in a suicide car bomb attack that targeted a column of NATO in western Kabul, said the police chief of the Afghan capital. “A suicide bomber driving a car approached a convoy of foreign forces to 14.00, near an Afghan army base in western Kabul, said Mohammad Ayub [...]

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