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Richard Holbrooke has died at the age of 69 years

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, Barack Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan and, according to the U.S. President, a “true giant of American foreign policy,” died Monday night, three days after suffering a heart attack. “America has lost this evening on one of its strongest defenders and one of its most loyal servants,” said Secretary of State Hillary [...]

Wikileaks documents offers a different picture of the work of American embassies


Wikileaks documents provides an insight into other embassies americaneDocumentele diplomatic activity revealed by Wikileaks, many dating from the last three years, offers an unprecedented view on the work of American embassies around the world, views on foreign leaders or terrorist threat assessments, comments on New York Times. According to the online edition of the American [...]

David Cameron: From 2015 there will be no British troops in Afghanistan


British Prime Minister, David Cameron has expressed Saturday, following the NATO summit in Lisbon, “firm commitment” that there will be no British troops fighting in Afghanistan since 2015, according to AFP. “Since 2015, there will be no combat troops,” Cameron said in a press conference. “It’s a commitment,” he said. Britain has 9,500 troops in [...]

A dog-hero of the war in Afghanistan was euthanized by mistake.


A dog-hero of the war in Afghanistan was euthanized by mistake. The animal shelter employee who administered the lethal injection was fired after protests from animal rights militants, AFP informs. “I can not believe that something happened with a dog so,” says Sergeant Terry Young, who brought the Target in Afghanistan, where he saved many [...]

Somalia exceed Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan in terrorist risk index


Somalia is the country with the highest risk of terrorist ‘ahead of Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, while France comes under the category of risk “environment”, according to the new “terrorist risk index”. Somalia climbed within one year from fourth to first in the ranking, with 556 of “terrorist acts” from June 2009 to June 2010, [...]

Suicide attack against NATO in Kabul


An Afghan military was slightly injured Friday in a suicide car bomb attack that targeted a column of NATO in western Kabul, said the police chief of the Afghan capital. “A suicide bomber driving a car approached a convoy of foreign forces to 14.00, near an Afghan army base in western Kabul, said Mohammad Ayub [...]

Al-Qaida leader for Pakistan and Afghanistan, was killed


Al-Qaida leader for Pakistan and Afghanistan were killed Saturday in northwestern Pakistan by a missile launched by an unmanned U.S. plane, they announced on Tuesday a number of officials within the Pakistani security services. Egyptian Sheikh Fateh “- probably a name of war – is not known. He succeeded the Egyptian Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, considered [...]

Earthquake in India and Pakistan; 6.3 magnitude on Richter Scale


An Earthquake Centered in the Hindu Kush Region of Afghanistan Was Felt in Pakistan and North India on Friday September 17. The moderate-intensity quake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale hit the Hindu Kush region at around 00:51 IST, the IMD’s Seismology Department said. According to the experts, the quake in the Middle East has [...]

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