Somalia exceed Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan in terrorist risk index

Somalia is the country with the highest risk of terrorist ‘ahead of Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, while France comes under the category of risk “environment”, according to the new “terrorist risk index”.

Somalia climbed within one year from fourth to first in the ranking, with 556 of “terrorist acts” from June 2009 to June 2010, which killed 1437 people, said Maplecroft, a company specializing in natural hazards or human studies.

In the category of “extreme risk” is Somalia, followed by Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories. Yemen is the ninth in a list of 196 countries, falling for the first time in “extreme”. The country has increased “very significantly the number of terrorist acts”, with 109 attacks in the period analyzed. Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) raises concerns growing.

Two booby-trapped parcel from Yemen were found in late October in Dubai and Britain, on board planes that traveled to the United States. One of them was scheduled to explode over the U.S. east coast.

Greece is the European country with the highest risk of terrorist attack. Classified as “high risk”, she climbed to 57th on 24, with 180 attacks in one year, thus exceeding Spain (ranked 27).

The United States ranks 33 in the category “medium risk” in front of Algeria (36th), France (44th) and Britain (47).

France remains the same seat, “the majority of victims of terrorist acts are an attack not ready for separatist organizations in Corsica.” France remains the target AQAP, like Maplecroft.

Canada (67th), Germany (70), Morocco (84), Switzerland (114) and Belgium (117) are classified as ‘low’.

Terrorist risk index (TRI) is made each year in the number and intensity of attacks, and terrorism in the country’s history.

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