Simultaneous terrorist attacks foiled in Great Britain, France and Germany.


Terrorist attacks in Britain, France and Germany planned in Pakistan, have been foiled by intelligence services, announced on Tuesday the British television station Sky News, citing sources from the intelligence.

Simultaneous attacks in London were under French and German cities, said the station, adding that the plan was in an advanced stage, but that attacks were imminent.

Activists in Pakistan, who planned the terrorist attacks were under surveillance for some time, said Sky News. The station, the operation “a link with al-Qaida and possibly the Taliban, aimed at Europe.

It was “the most serious project planned by al-Qaida attacks in recent years, leaders of the developed network, refugees in Pakistan’s tribal regions, said BBC.

According to intelligence sources quoted in the Sky, the attacks would be followed will be similar to those committed in Bombay, India, in November 2008 when an Islamist commando attacked multiple targets, which included hotels, the economic capital of India , where 163 people were killed.

U.S. television station ABC Tuesday quoted a senior U.S. official, without his identity, and that the United States was a potential target.

Item stresses that the U.S. president, Barack Obama, was informed about these threats, assessed as “credible” by that official.

Planning such attacks in Europe was revealed by the cooperation between British intelligence, French, German and American, says Sky News.

Sources in the police and American and European intelligence services, quoted by ABC, said that information on threats of attacks based on an interrogation of a German citizen suspected of terrorism, which was captured in late summer, while trying to return to Europe. At present, it would be held at the U.S. Bagram base in Afghanistan.

Thus, American officers have warned that similar attacks were in preparation from Bombay. These incentives were intended to target the “eco” light, “according to ABC.

Immediately after the discovery plan, the U.S. military has provided support for European allies in Pakistan looking for organizers, said Sky News.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, two sources with ties to French intelligence told AFP that they have no information about the plans of an attack.

An intelligence source said the French, under cover of anonymity, that “it is not up to date” and a French government source in connection with the intelligence services, said also that he has no information about such a plot foiled .

France has formally warned the public about the risk of an imminent attack, but cited government sources said that the risks of committing attacks in this country, announced last week were not for the advanced sources quoted by Sky News.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, said last Wednesday before the Senate, that Western countries were threatened by an activity “growing” of extremist Islamic groups.

Wall Street Journal, citing “current and former officials” Americans, announced Tuesday that the CIA has increased unmanned aerial attacks against insurgents in Pakistan’s tribal areas, in order to counter a series of attacks against Britain, France and Germany.

According to Sky News, just after it learned about the timing of these attacks, the CIA has stepped up raids with unmanned aircraft, to destroy the organizers.

For about a month, the United States have increased considerably campaign unmanned aerial attacks on these areas from the border with Afghanistan, the stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaida sanctuary staff worldwide.

From September 3, at least 118 Islamic insurgents have been killed in 21 attacks with drones. Between these insurgents, was killed Saturday in al-Qaida leader in Pakistan and Afghanistan, known as “Sheik Fateh.”

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