NEW!!! Youth without old age? Researchers said they found the enzyme responsible for the rejuvenation

U.S. researchers at Harvard University have found a way to activate an enzyme “responsible” with rejuvenation. We could live longer and healthier, and diseases like Alzheimer’s or heart problems could become history.

We could have children naturally to very advanced ages. In addition, multiplying the number of years as the body is young, so in theory, healthy, social services would lower costs.

Initial experiments were done on mice. Head of research team is Dr. Ronald DePinho cancer specialist from Harvard University. His study was published in the prestigious science journal Nature.

Before being treated, skin, brain, intestines and other organs of mice subjected to experiment resembled those of a person over 80 years.

In just two months after the miracle drug that activates a key enzyme in the body, the biological system of rodents has produced so many new cells that, in practice, their body has fully regenerated. In addition, sorecii have again fertile.

The key to eternal youth are getting the telomeres, as a tiny biological clocks that covers the ends of chromosomes, protecting them.

Over time, telomeres gradually shrink until they die. An enzyme called telomerase, which is naturally inactive, could revive the telomeres.

Dr. Ronald DePinho managed to activate this enzyme in the body of mice. It was expected that the technique used to stop or slow down the aging process, but was amazed to see how, in fact, the reverse.

The doctor believes it could create a drug that have the same effect in humans. The studies could take 10 years.

I raised many doubts and questions, however. High levels of telomerase could cause various forms of cancer. In addition, a single drug could not eliminate all aging problems, critics say.

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