Lady GaGa is scared of mobile phones

From the Cycle “Artists do crazy things” can not miss Lady GaGa, who worries so much about her brain being burned, that’s  why she has an assistant who dials the number and keeps the phone at a safe distance of her precious little head .

Yet that same GaGa afraid lest do a brain tumor because of radiation caused by mobile phone, held no more and no less than one telephone on her head in the video “Telephone”.

A person of her entourage said: “Although there is no clear proof that radiations  from mobile phones may cause cancer she is extremely panicked. A man of her team must keep the phone so it will  not bee close to her head. ”

“She then listens to her calls on the speakerphone.”

“Everyone around GaGa tries to tolerate her annoying and weird behavior because they know it’s likely to be just another phase.”

And as if it were not enough, GaGa insist to be carried by body guards. True, not always but often enough so that walking will not make her tired.

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