Hologram on the brink of becoming reality. Find out how:VIDEO


Seem detached from science fiction films, hologram tends to become reality. Presented by a team of U.S. scientists, technology is not perfect yet, but can be used in surgery or as an application for the military.

After more than three decades to achieve this masterpiece, researchers from Arizona holograms we announce that we are also urging than we think.

Their technology allows for the reconstruction of 3D images of objects or persons, every two seconds.

Moreover, experts were able to obtain these holograms and color, which can be viewed from the top down or from right to left.

Would be needed, however, a rate 60 times to create the illusion of natural movement.

The ultimate goal, experts say, is the 3D hologram TV, you have it in your living room. That is the image “exits” from the TV and you do not need special glasses to see. Also, the hologram can be a valuable tool for designers of cars and airplanes.

Already there are several applications, eg medical imaginistica or three-dimensional maps for the military.

How was born the hologram? 16 cameras recorded images of ordinary objects and people from multiple angles. The information was transmitted by a remote computer connection. He then used a laser to “print” images on a screen in a special plastic.

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