Heidi Jones of WABC-TV, Admits Attack Story In Central Park Was Fiction

Heidi Jones of WABC-TV, has admitted that her story about an attacker in Central Park was fiction.

Jones, the weather woman for WABC-TV, was caught in a lie after telling cops an Hispanic man attacked her in the park on Sept. 24. Jones later said the attacker returned two months later as well, a police source said.

“She tries to paint the picture of a stalker, but things don’t add up,” the source said. “We’re thinking, ‘She doesn’t want there to be any witnesses we can talk to, so she’s as vague as possible.’”

WABC will announce soon that Jones is being suspended. The station then plans an internal investigation that could lead to Jones being fired.

The incident, as Jones claims it happened, was that she was jogging through Central Park in late September when a Hispanic man attacked her and pulled her into some nearby brush, the source said.

Jones claimed her attacker got scared and ran away when two bystanders walking by saw the incident and alerted others- but she never reported the attack to police.

Once police began investigating her report, weaknesses in Jones’ story became apparent. Jones is due in court on Jan. 5  and could face up to a year in prison if convicted.

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