He implanted the third eye in the neck!

A man from New York stunned the whole world with his project. Determined to document carefully every minute of his  life, the artist has implanted a camera in his head, somewhere above the neck.

The device will capture more than half a million photographs and all images will be designed in a modern art museum in Qatar.

Curious to know what happens when he turn back, the man decided to implant a titanium  photographic camera in skull. Artistic project has been suggestively titled “The Third Eye.”

The surgical procedure is not painful enough to discourage or  scared him  of any discomfort as he expected due to metal weight attached to the neck.

With a diameter of five inches and a few millimeters thick, the camera will capture an image every minute.

The man is aware that most photos will be totally uninteresting.

The idea is not new, goes to the front war correspondents equipped with a special helmet that has a camera attached to the back. And science-fiction film as any character happened to wake up with head oriented in the opposite direction.

But New York artist has certainly pushed things to extremes. The camera will be activated after almost two weeks, and the curious who want to see the whole American experience in real time, one can watch on the Internet.

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