Google Map for Bike

Google release a new version of software especially for bike.The beta version its just a few months old but already changes the way that bikers are travel, now it haves more than 200 city maps from all over the world  and with plans for international routing between  those cites.

For this software Google relies on data, from publicly available sources like bike maps to user-generated information. It joins other web sites,from Bikely, where people share routes in cities around the world,  a geowiki available in 10 cities  that allows users to edit their routes as they ride.

There are three kinds of routes highlighted on its maps: bike-only trails (dark green), dedicated bicycle lanes (light green) and bike-friendly roads but with no separate lanes (dashed green).

Eben Weiss, the author of the BikeSnobNYC blog said :“For Google Maps not to have bike directions is like the Gap not selling underpants” and “Even though it’s not 100 percent reliable, it’s still better to have it than in no form at all.”

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