Fuel Prices Making You Insane?

If the fuel price is the one that make u stay home, here are some tips to set you free by this.The Managing Director of the car hire company spoke about the money-saving tips: “With fuel prices set to go up once again, we want to be able to offer our customers the chance to make some savings.There are many small changes that can be made with ease and we want to help everyone to make as many savings as possible.”

Here areĀ  top 10 tips on how to save money on fuel this summer:

1) Take it Steady - Massive amounts of fuel can be saved by reducing your speed.

2) Pressure Point - Tyre pressures not being at the correct level are massive contributing factors to wasting fuel.

3) Plan Your Route - Avoid getting lost by planning your route and make sure the busy roads are avoided.

4) Remove Excess Weight - Cut the weight of the car down by ditching excess things like golf clubs and tools.

5) Tight-Wad’s Fifth Gear - Going into neutral doesn’t save any fuel nowadays as cars as too advanced for this old trick!

6) Make Your Own Fuel - People are allowed to create 2,500 litres of biofuel every 12 months and this is far cheaper than buying fuel at stations.

7) Cut Down on Resistance - Lose the drag on a car by winding windows up and getting rid of the roof rack.

8) Supermarket Money Off Vouchers - Make use of these instead of binning them as it all adds up.

9) Lift Share - Share rides with colleagues to get to work and other parents on the school runs.

10) Keep Fuel Topped Up - Fill up fully when you find a good-priced station.

Well that is all you need to know about saving fuel, drive safe and enjoy your holiday!

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