Euro 2012 is a recognition for Polish economic performance

Marcin Hera, the man behind the preparations for the 2012 European Football Championship in Poland, is among the few who can say that he started his career down (from a gas station pump) and has become one of the most important Organizers of sporting events.

He began work in 1995 for Polish oil company Lotos Group, becoming its chairman and three years ago has come to occupy a seat in the football world, writes BBC News.

“If someone had told me 15 years ago that I will deal with preparations for Euro 2012, I would not have believed it,” said Herra.

Former law student, now aged 35 years, leads the company PL 2012, which deals with organizing events that will take place in Poland at the European Football Championship.

Six stadiums will host matches of the Polish Euro

This tournament will be organized in partnership with Ukraine, Poland and Marcin Herra’s vision and attitude have been crucial in avoiding negative remarks similar to those made against Ukrainian partners.

Dynamics of the Polish organizing a plan implemented last year have been selected strategic cities that will be built stadiums for Euro 2012.

They were chosen Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw because many people and a growing interest in soccer. Elections have been made so that sports arenas do not become profitable after the tournament.

Herra said that “we are all the stadiums to the highest standards and have proper infrastructure.”

All these developments come amid Polish sports infrastructure shortages that prevented a Polish football event to host a UEFA standards.

Poznan Stadium was first opened between the reconstructed and will be followed by one in Gdansk in June 2011, the Warsaw a month later and Worclaw end of next year. Herra said that this schedule will allow organizers to test the new arenas and enough time to eliminate the potential problems.

Poland expects a million visitors

The project also includes expansion of Euro 2012 a part of Polish airports to cope with the growing flow of visitors during the event. It is estimated that 227 infrastructure projects will be completed by the kick start the tournament and that these investments will total 20 billion euros. Organizers say that 84% of these projects are carried out in accordance with the schedule, only one threatening to not be completed.

Approximately one million visitors are expected in Poland during Euro 2012 and Herra must ensure that they remain with a positive impression on his country. To become “ambassadors of Poland, visitors must be impressed by the roads, from the hotel or even the doctor.

Are ongoing studies of mobility in the host cities and transit rail to calibrate effectively during and after sporting events. Supporters will receive a card “polish pass” which will include a credit system for payment of insurance, transport and accommodation.

Marcin Herra admits that is an area where more work than is the perception that Europeans have about the Poles. A study conducted in 2009 shows that the British see it as very hard-working Poles, the Dutch consider it great amateurs of alcoholic beverages while in Germany they are seen as religious.

3,000 volunteers and 168 institutions involved in the conduct of Euro 2012

Organizers expect to have to recruit nearly 3,000 volunteers and the number of institutions that will work to trigger the event will amount to 168.

“Poland has been a success story in the last 20 years, our GDP has been a success in 2000 and remains so in 2010. The tournament final is our chance to crystallize a positive image of the country.”

Poles hope that after the Euro 2012 will still be an extensive know-how, with a changed mentality, a new infrastructure, but also to the perception of foreigners that their country can be a tourist destination.

Organizers estimated that visitors spend around 200 million euros during the tournament.

However, Marcin Herra said that the projects must be completed even if the effort begins to make its presence felt among Poles.

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