Dogs as a bomb! Intestines filled with explosives by terrorists


Islamic terrorists have wanted to use as a bomb dog trap! France’s Le Figaro say the U.S. military has discovered two years ago, the airport in Baghdad, Iraq, two dogs whose intestines were filled with explosives.

The case dates back two years, but was only made public today. If it would not be discovered journalists at Le Figaro, probably would have remained buried in a secret U.S. military files.

It seems that the terrorists had tried to use two dogs to suicide bombings.

It seems that the Islamists plan did not materialize because the two dogs have died of indigestion. They were found in the cargo area of the airport in Baghdad.

An autopsy showed that dog food that they had in the stomach was “seasoned” with a powerful explosive connected to a detonator, write French.

Dogs had been put in animal cages and were supposed to arrive in a cargo plane. Terrorists were planning blowing the aircraft, once it took off.

Dogs had undergone abdominal surgery, which were inserted into the detonator, and the stitch after the intervention of “surgical” and contributed to the death of infected animals.

Since then, animals have passed through customs has become a much more complicated operation, subject to all sorts of controls, French newspaper concluded.

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