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US Tax Bill Passes, On To The President


Finally things have started working for Obama as well as for Americans. 277 votes of the House of Representatives has passed the Tax bill and endorsed the negotiated tax cut deal by congressional Republicans and President Obama. 148 votes opposed the bill. The Senate has also passed a same bill a  few days back and [...]

Blake Edwards, Famous Director, Dead at 88


Blake Edwards, famous director and film maker, has died in Southern California at the age of 88, his publicist has said. Edwards died of complications from pneumonia at St John’s Health Centre in Santa Monica, Gene Schwam told the Associated Press. Julie Andrews, Edward’s wife and a noted singer and actress, was at his side [...]

Tim Davlin, Springfield Illinois Mayor, Dies In Apparent Suicide


Tim Davlin, the mayor of Springfield, Illinois was found dead in his home on Tuesday morning. Police responded to a 911 call around 9am Tuesday morning at Davlin’s hone and found the Democratic mayor dead. Davlin failed to show up for a court hearing in a case involving his late cousin’s will and estate plans. [...]

Over one billion of the $ 100 bills were printed wrong by U.S.


In total, over 110 billion dollars have been seized in America because of the errors. It seems that some notes were crimped during production and no longer meet the elements of safety, officials say that 100 American dollars were printed wrong by U.S. How many employees would lose 20 years if we were to sort [...]

The founder of Wikileaks:Obama should resign if he approved spying on UN officials!


American President, Barack Obama, should resign if he agreed that U.S. diplomats to spy on UN officials, said the founder of Wikileaks in an interview published Sunday by Spanish newspaper El Pais. “The whole chain of command was aware of this order and agreed to resign for the United States to be considered a credible [...]



An NFL player managed to save a  impossible ball. He hit at back seriously when he landed, but managed to fall for a teammate to pass decisively, and who managed to score. According to commentators ,Number 19  from Oklahoma Sooners,Brown, realize the phase of the year in NFL! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend [...]

U.S. Army recommends soldiers from Iraq to avoid reading Wikileaks


The U.S. Army has posted on the Internet network used by American soldiers in Iraq a warning that Wikileaks published documents should not be consulted in order to soldiers to keep them away from these revelations, announced Saturday its spokesman. This warning appears automatically  Fridayon to military network, NIPRNet, when the user tries to access [...]

JFK’s assassin coffin will be auctioned!


Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin, the killer of U.S. President JFK, will be auctioned and the starting price will be$ 1,000, according to Morbid auction will take place in Los Angeles and the auction organizers hope to get good money on the coffin that housed between 1963 and 1981 the body of JFK’s assassin. Lee [...]

Texas: The death penalty could be declared unconstitutional


The death penalty could soon be declared unconstitutional in Texas. The American state (which leads the U.S. in the number of executions since 1976) has a very large number of wrong verdicts, and this will help the lawyers, Monday at the auditions. Since 1976, 12 people from a total of 139, were saved from execution, [...]

Bank of America, the new victim of Wikileaks?


Bank of America officials have strongly rejected speculation made earlier this week by Julian Assange that the next Wikileaks target would be “a great American bank”  , according to CNN. Huffington Post has made disclosures on that speculation, citing an interview published in October 2009 in the magazine Computer World Assange said he has  “one [...]

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