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A German tourist was killed by a shark attack in Egypt waters!


Swimming in the Red Sea is now a serious trouble since a German women was brutally killed by a shark. The unhappy incident tuck place in waters off Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the same place where other three people were injured last week by another shark. Egypt’s tourism ministry has decided to close the Sharm el-Sheikh [...]

The Wikileaks revelations were sentenced entire string of politic world


Disclosure of  about 250,000 U.S. diplomatic notes Monday by the Wikileaks site generated  condemnation reactions   from governments around the world, the White House described the action as a “serious crime”. Wikileaks and those who publish such information “are criminals,” said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for the American Presidency, considering that these leaks are “serious violations of [...]

A plane crashed in Pakistan over an area with many homes


A cargo plane crashed Saturday evening over a housing complex in Karachi, triggering a huge fire. The entire crew, consisting of eight Russians, died in the accident. 20 buildings were destroyed, but most were under construction, so empty. Rescuers searched through rubble all night without the time to find other victims. The plane, an Ilyushin-76, [...]

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