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Panama: Ten people died in floods and landslides


Ten people died in Panama after floods and landslides. Authorities declared a state of emergency throughout the country. Thousands of people were displaced after their homes were washed away. The government announced that for the time rescue operations will be concentrated in the East, the area most affected. Floods have also made problems in neighboring [...]

At least 81 dead after a fire in a prison in Chile


At least 81 prisoners died during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in a fire in a prison in Santiago, the capital of Chile, the fire was sparked by a clash between inmates. “We have 81 dead, yet unidentified, according to a representative of the prison administration, Jaime Concha. The fire broke out Tuesday night [...]

A landslide buried 200 people in Colombia


200 people were buried alive in Colombia, following a landslide. One person was killed and three others were rescued. Authorities say the chances of survival of those trapped under the mud, drop by the hour. The disaster took place in a suburb of Medellín, Colombia. Witnesses say have gone through the nightmare moments. Dozens of [...]

A volcano from Ecuador is about to erupt!


Ecuadorean authorities have decreed maximum alert level Saturday around the volcano Tungurahua, in the center of the country, whose work has intensified in the morning. “We have declared red alert in the area of influence due to volcanic eruptive process,”  told for a press conference Felipe Bazan, number two in the National Risk Management Secretariat [...]

17 people have died in Haiti in a bus accident


Seventeen people were killed Saturday in southern Haiti, in a collision between a bus and a truck, about 200 km from the capital Port-au-Prince, said local police, quoted by AFP. The two vehicles collided in the Macea area, “in a hidden corner of demonstrators burned remains of a car during last Sunday’s elections”, AFP said [...]

Venezuela. 17 died and 56,000 victims, after torrential rains


At least 17 people died in torrential rains in recent days, which took place in several regions of Venezuela, paralyzing airports, blocking highways and destroying thousands of homes. Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan president, announced on Monday evening that 15 people died. Two people have died  on Tuesday morning, participating in rescue operations in Vargas State, according [...]

The Wikileaks revelations were sentenced entire string of politic world


Disclosure of  about 250,000 U.S. diplomatic notes Monday by the Wikileaks site generated  condemnation reactions   from governments around the world, the White House described the action as a “serious crime”. Wikileaks and those who publish such information “are criminals,” said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for the American Presidency, considering that these leaks are “serious violations of [...]

VIDEO:ABOULIC catch made by police in Brazil: 40 tons of marijuana!


Elite troops backed by armor and helicopters have embraced more “fave” poor hoods on the outskirts of metropolitan Rio, dominated for more than 20 years of drug traffickers. In many homes, entire rooms were used as storage for huge quantities of drugs. A large part of the drugs were already packed and ready to be [...]

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