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Bank Of England Issues Warnings To UK Banks


The bank of England has issued the warning to UK banks about the continual financial issues in the Eurozone. The Bank of England has stated that the bi-annual financial stability report has suggested keeping a very close eye on the financial power of European lenders and it needs strict measures to move along. The UK [...]

3rd Cricket Battle Between Australia and England


  Another part of real battle in the field of cricket between two arch rivals is underway in Perth. 3rd test between Australia and England has completed its day 2. At the start of the day 2, the analysts were saying that England got the game well in control after bowling out Australian for just [...]

Lampart Back To Give Chelsea A Boost


Frank Lampard is set for his return to football this Sunday. The English midfielder, who has been fighting a nagging hernia problem, participated in a 60-minute practice match on Thursday with his team. Lampard, 32, appeared as a substitute palyer against Tottenham on Sunday. Manager Carlo Ancelotti said Lampard would start against United providing there [...]

Greek Riots Turn Bloody


Greek police have detained and fought back Greek protesters in the capital city of Athens as unions, who are on a general strike against government austerity measures, refuse proposed changes in pay and benefits. As violence turned ugly outside of parliament, demonstrators threw petrol bombs and rocks and police retaliated with tear gas. A former [...]

Europe faces an unprecedented crisis. Who will be next?


Europe has had, from the economic point of view, a horrible year, with plans to save Greece and Ireland, followed by a cortege of austerity plans, the euro area are obliged to adopt serious reforms in order to survive. “If the euro fails, Europe will fail,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel summed. Since 2008, the crisis [...]

Tragedy on a road in Italy: A drugged driver killed seven cyclists


A driver under the influence of drugs hit a group of cyclists in the middle of a race on a road in Italy. Seven people died and four others were injured. The driver was driving without a license. Police suspended his license a few months ago, for committing many irregularities in traffic. The tragedy took [...]

Spontaneous strike of traffic controllers’ in Spain


Passengers around the world have had suffering on Friday after Spain’s air space, with the exception of Andalusia, was closed following a novel forms of spontaneously protest of traffic controllers, according to Sky News. They announced that they are ill and left the office table, according to sources cited. “Approximately 90% of the traffic controllers [...]

Severe floods in South Eastern Europe


Hundreds of people were evacuated in eastern Bosnia, after a river on the border with Serbia has reached the highest level in over 100 years. Meanwhile, authorities in Croatia have declared a state of emergency in the south because of abundant rainfall. In eastern Bosnia, torrential rains ravaged. In some areas, water has exceeded a [...]

Loss of 3 million euros to BMW Munich made by its employees!


A band of robbers, which included factory workers of Bavaria, stole systematically over several years, parts BMW 3 million. The pieces were sold on online auction sites and car dealers. Two of the 18 thieves worked for several years at the BMW plant in Munich, and one of them collaborated with the German factory as [...]

Winter has embraced Europe, especially Germany and Great Britain


In the past days the transport at road, air and rail in Great Britain and Germany are disrupted by snow, ice and very cold temperature. Millions struggled Tuesday to reach the service, in a layer up to five inches of snow deposited in England, including London and Wales. Shipments were disrupted and there were numerous [...]

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