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A Ferrari F430 and a BMW M6 have been seized for street racing in Canada!


Police confiscated a 430 Scuderia Ferrari owner, car worth 235,000 dollars (photo left), after being caught in competing to illegal street racing with a BMW M6 (pictured right). Owner’s BMW worth $ 75,000 and he remained without a car. Entertainment costs. This they felt their skin two Canadians who were caught traveling at a speed [...]

The Wikileaks revelations were sentenced entire string of politic world


Disclosure of  about 250,000 U.S. diplomatic notes Monday by the Wikileaks site generated  condemnation reactions   from governments around the world, the White House described the action as a “serious crime”. Wikileaks and those who publish such information “are criminals,” said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for the American Presidency, considering that these leaks are “serious violations of [...]

The government in Ottawa: We will send 950 military trainers in Afghanistan by 2014

Canada Army

Canada will send about 950 military trainers to Afghanistan, said Tuesday the Government in Ottawa, according to AFP. “Canada will send, from 2011 up to 950 military trainers and support staff in the units around Kabul,” the Defense Minister Peter MacKay during a meeting with the press. Canadian authorities will continue this effort to train [...]

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