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Fight in South Korean Parliament

Parliament of South Korea has turned again into a fight arena between political party representatives. Opposition MPs have occupied the lobby of the building and blocked access roads to prevent the budget vote. In turn, representatives of power, tried to force the passage at any cost. The dispute started a program of development of rivers, [...]

Thailand celebrates their King (Bhumibol Adulyadej) 83rd Birthday


Thais celebrate today the 83rd birthday of their beloved King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, the World’s longest reigning monarch. Bhumibol Adulyadej’s wish for his birthday was that his citizens should do their best to maintain peace and order in the country. On sidewalks close to the hospital, the crowd was five or six deep, with those immediately [...]

Plane crash in Moscow! Two people died and 50 injured


At least two people died and 40 others were injured after a Tupolev plane from Daghestan Airlines company went  off the runway during an emergency landing made  Saturday on Domodedovo airport in Moscow. It seems that the three engines of the aircraft had crashed. The airport said that in  aircraft Tu-154 were 155 people. According [...]

VIDEO:Real fight at South Korea’s Parliament!


A proposal for granting  free meals to pupils in state education create a big misunderstanding, the political dispute has grown rapidly.. in violence. The incidents took place in South Korean parliament. According to The Telegraph newspaper,  representatives of the governing party of South Korea “Grand National Party” were were those who started the scandal. They [...]

Wikileaks: Russia is “almost an mafia state”!


Russia is an “almost mafia state”, where political parties work “hand in hand” with organized crime, like a Spanish prosecutor quoted in a U.S. diplomatic note obtained by Wikileaks, published Wednesday by the British newspaper The Guardian. Prosecutor Jose Gonzalez, about ten years investigating Russian organized crime, “believes that it can not make a distinction [...]

There is a risk of a new North Korean attack on South!


A week of bombing Pyongyang claimed four dead and 20 wounded in South Korean island, North Korean authorities would be able to attack the South again, reports BBC. The information comes from a South Korean official in the intelligence just hours after officials in Seoul have said they plan several military exercises with the Americans. [...]

Putin announces that Russia will strengthen its nuclear forces if the U.S. does not ratify the START Treaty!


Russia will be forced to strengthen its nuclear forces if the new START treaty will not  be ratified by the United States by the end of the year, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNN, to be released Wednesday. “It is not our choice. We do not want to happen. But [...]

U.S. and South Korea at risk to unleash war if they go on with military maneuvers, said authorities in Pyongyang


North Korea warned on Tuesday that military exercises conducted by U.S. and South Korea could lead to an outbreak of “war at any moment.” Aclear message was sent through the central agency of the North Korean news. If U.S. forces or  South Korean throws a crust territory of North Korea will have to pay  for [...]

The Wikileaks revelations were sentenced entire string of politic world


Disclosure of  about 250,000 U.S. diplomatic notes Monday by the Wikileaks site generated  condemnation reactions   from governments around the world, the White House described the action as a “serious crime”. Wikileaks and those who publish such information “are criminals,” said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for the American Presidency, considering that these leaks are “serious violations of [...]

A new earthquake occurred this morning in the Japanese archipelago with magnitude 6.6


A magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred Tuesday near an island in Japan, located over 800 kilometers from Tokyo, where land-based movement was also felt, but was not triggered no tsunami alert, Americans and Japanese seismologists announced. The quake occurred at 12.24 to the north-west of Chichi-Shima island, according to the American Institute of Geophysics (USGS), in [...]

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