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Winter Solstice Only 48 Hours Away


Solstice for this passing year is being considered as the most significant solstice for various astrological reasons. First, the moon will show its full face on solstice and before this it has been happened 11 years ago in the year 1999, and before this in 1980. So this is very rare condition when the moon [...]

A new solar explosion will take place on Thursday


A massive explosion occurred on the sun during Monday, giving rise to a real lava octopus spread everywhere. Another solar boom is expected to take place on Thursday 9 December. The gigantic eruption gave rise to a magnetic plasma filament, which spanned an area of 700,000 km – almost twice the distance between Earth and [...]

A landslide buried 200 people in Colombia


200 people were buried alive in Colombia, following a landslide. One person was killed and three others were rescued. Authorities say the chances of survival of those trapped under the mud, drop by the hour. The disaster took place in a suburb of Medellín, Colombia. Witnesses say have gone through the nightmare moments. Dozens of [...]

Rome and Venice have been flooded after heavy rains


The two Italian cities Rome and Venice are covered by water because of recent rains. Half of the historic center of Venice is flooded, even piazza San Marco, the most important tourist attraction of the city was completely flooded. However the Italians have not lost their sense of humor, some taking advantage of the opportunity [...]

Severe floods in South Eastern Europe


Hundreds of people were evacuated in eastern Bosnia, after a river on the border with Serbia has reached the highest level in over 100 years. Meanwhile, authorities in Croatia have declared a state of emergency in the south because of abundant rainfall. In eastern Bosnia, torrential rains ravaged. In some areas, water has exceeded a [...]

Israel calls on France, Spain, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria to send planes to put out the fire in Haifa


Israeli Foreign Ministry has urged Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain and France to send firefighting planes in Israel to participate during the night to extinguish the fire broke out Thursday in Haifa, according to Haaretz. Israeli Fire Service said the has completely lost control of fire , which led the Government to seek help from other [...]

Global average temperature Increases in alarming rate! Ice cap may melt completely by 2060!


Experts warn that global temperatures could rise by 4 degrees Celsius by 2060. North Pole ice cap could melt completely during the polar summer. The oceans would rise considerably. A recent study by United Nations Environment Programme  highlighted the fact that the measures included climatic in Copenhagen are not enough to prevent temperatures to rise [...]

Venezuela. 17 died and 56,000 victims, after torrential rains


At least 17 people died in torrential rains in recent days, which took place in several regions of Venezuela, paralyzing airports, blocking highways and destroying thousands of homes. Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan president, announced on Monday evening that 15 people died. Two people have died  on Tuesday morning, participating in rescue operations in Vargas State, according [...]

Winter has embraced Europe, especially Germany and Great Britain


In the past days the transport at road, air and rail in Great Britain and Germany are disrupted by snow, ice and very cold temperature. Millions struggled Tuesday to reach the service, in a layer up to five inches of snow deposited in England, including London and Wales. Shipments were disrupted and there were numerous [...]

Europe will be under cold wave another two weeks!


It’s full-fledged winter almost everywhere in Europe.The abundant snow in the UK, France and Germany but also in Hungary, Poland and Croatia. Children and tourists enjoyed wholeheartedly but enchanting landscape. In the UK, snow banks are always present in the landscape  for few days. Weather Service say it’s the first time in 17 years when [...]

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