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Futurology Michio Kaku: “We have to leave Earth, otherwise we will die”

Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku, a physicist and futurology, talking about possible solutions to global warming and the existence of intelligent life forms in outer space, being convinced that the future of humanity on Earth is in danger. “I think the next 10 years will be chaotic in terms of energy.No substitute for oil will occur, but [...]

A German tourist was killed by a shark attack in Egypt waters!


Swimming in the Red Sea is now a serious trouble since a German women was brutally killed by a shark. The unhappy incident tuck place in waters off Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the same place where other three people were injured last week by another shark. Egypt’s tourism ministry has decided to close the Sharm el-Sheikh [...]

Spontaneous strike of traffic controllers’ in Spain


Passengers around the world have had suffering on Friday after Spain’s air space, with the exception of Andalusia, was closed following a novel forms of spontaneously protest of traffic controllers, according to Sky News. They announced that they are ill and left the office table, according to sources cited. “Approximately 90% of the traffic controllers [...]

Europe will be under cold wave another two weeks!


It’s full-fledged winter almost everywhere in Europe.The abundant snow in the UK, France and Germany but also in Hungary, Poland and Croatia. Children and tourists enjoyed wholeheartedly but enchanting landscape. In the UK, snow banks are always present in the landscape¬† for few days. Weather Service say it’s the first time in 17 years when [...]

A plane crashed in Pakistan over an area with many homes


A cargo plane crashed Saturday evening over a housing complex in Karachi, triggering a huge fire. The entire crew, consisting of eight Russians, died in the accident. 20 buildings were destroyed, but most were under construction, so empty. Rescuers searched through rubble all night without the time to find other victims. The plane, an Ilyushin-76, [...]

Seven dead and around 67 wounded in South Africa, following a violent storm


Seven people were killed and 67 were injured after a storm accompanied by lightning, which broke out during a Christmas party organized by a nursery in the province of KwaZulu Natal, located in eastern South Africa. “It was cloudy and suddenly a storm broke. Lightning caused the deaths of five people on the spot and [...]

Two million Muslims have participated in stone throwing ritual in Mecca


Pilgrimage to Mecca came to a climax. Over two million people participated in the so-called ritual of throwing stones – a tradition in which the faithful hit a stone wall that it symbolizes the devil. The whole ritual took place in heavy rain. The Muslim Holy City was flooded by heavy rain Thursday which lasted [...]

Bomb discovered in a plane that had to arrive in Germany


Namibian authorities have intercepted a bomb located in a plane should have landed in Germany. German authorities raised the security alert Wednesday, especially in stations and airports, as a result of precise information about imminent terrorist attacks. According to German officials quoted by BBC News, the suspicious package was found Wednesday at the Windhoek International [...]

Tens of thousands of North Koreans have fled the communist country


South Korea announced Monday that North Korea runagate number exceeded 20,000, while the living north of the border was damaged, reports said. A woman aged 41 years and his two sons were the last North Korean who managed to escape to the South through China, said officials from the Ministry of Unification in Seoul. Tens [...]

Somalia exceed Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan in terrorist risk index


Somalia is the country with the highest risk of terrorist ‘ahead of Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, while France comes under the category of risk “environment”, according to the new “terrorist risk index”. Somalia climbed within one year from fourth to first in the ranking, with 556 of “terrorist acts” from June 2009 to June 2010, [...]

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