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iPad 2 will have two cameras!


New contracts signed by the maker of electronic components suppliers Apple reveals a new iPad  model, said sources close to the negotiations, one of them stating that the new version of the tablet PC will have two cameras mounted on both sides of the device, Reuters writes. Apple gadget launched this year has seen an [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab passed 1 million sold units in two months, but not enough to beat iPad!


Koreans from Samsung confirmed Monday that it has sold over one million units of tablet Galaxy Tab,  at two months after the launch of the gadget,the main rival is Apple’s iPad, says The Money Times. The news was originally announced last weekend by the company spokesman, in a conversation with journalists from eWeek. The success  [...]

Three Russian satellites fell into the Pacific Ocean


Three Russian satellite fell into the Pacific on Sunday, after a failed takeoff, in an action of the Kremlin aimed at implementing a system based on GPS technology. Russian news agency, quoted by Reuters said that three satellites have deviated from the track and fell near Hawaii, after being launched from the Space Center in [...]

China has set a new record:the train that reached 300 mph!


Chinese will move faster after the inauguration of the railway lines which have already beaten a world record. High speed train exceeded 300 miles per hour during a test between Beijing and Shanghai. The authorities have announced proudly that, considering the time wasted in airport boarding and loading luggage, passengers will soon reach its destination [...]

NASA claims that have found a new life form!


NASA made a shock announcement at a press conference today: he discovered a completely new life form that does not share biological building blocks like  anything currently live in planet Earth. This changes everything! Felisa Wolfe Simon will announce today through this conference that NASA have found a bacterium whose DNA is completely foreign to [...]

Impressive image of an explosion 1,000 years ago!


In 1054, humans recorded sightings of the mega-star explosion that created the Crab Nebula. It was so bright it was visible to the naked eye. Now three space telescopes have together created a more complete picture of the debris. According to National Geographic: This new picture of the Crab Nebula combines data from the Chandra [...]

NEW! You can find out how many calories you eat using your mobile phone!


The Japanese have developed an unusual way to combat weight gain: a mobile application, with which many calories you’re just posing the plate content. For this, the program analyzes the color and shape of food in the container, comparing the information of about 100,000 types of food stored in memory. The application is still in [...]

A new tablet competing with iPad, BlackBerry 2011 launches playbook


BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion announced the BlackBerry playbook tablet. Dawn is expected early next year on the U.S. market and in our summer of 2011. The price is the same as the iPad. BlackBerry playbook has a smaller screen than the Apple iPad already famous. But functions are almost the same. Meaning is multi-touch [...]

Iran produces its own version of Russian S-300 missile


Iranian Army has developed its own version of Russian S-300 missile that will test soon, the official IRNA news agency said, just two months after Moscow decided to cancel the delivery to the Islamic Republic of sophisticated defense system to comply with sanctions imposed on Tehran by the UN. Surface to air missile S-300 “The [...]

Hologram on the brink of becoming reality. Find out how:VIDEO


Seem detached from science fiction films, hologram tends to become reality. Presented by a team of U.S. scientists, technology is not perfect yet, but can be used in surgery or as an application for the military. After more than three decades to achieve this masterpiece, researchers from Arizona holograms we announce that we are also [...]

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