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British Woman Held For Indecency in Dubai


A British woman has been charged with indecency in Dubai after walking through the largest shopping centre in the world in her bikini. The woman was doing some shopping in Dubai Mall when an Arabic woman approached her and said her clothes were too revealing as she was wearing a low cut top. Annoyed with [...]

75th Anniversary of Newcastle International Airport

75th Anniversary of Newcastle International Airport

British Airways is helping travellers celebrate the 75th anniversary of Newcastle International Airport with a special return fare on its flights between Newcastle and Heathrow. British Airways is offering a return flight to London Heathrow for just GBP1 (subject to availability) which, with taxes/fees and charges means that the total paid by passengers will be [...]

Spry Logos of Denver extends discount on all T-Shirts

Spry Logos of Denver extends discount on all T-Shirts

Denver area based promotional marketing outlet Spry Logos has extended their sale on all custom embroidered T-Shirts to continue throughout the month of September. Management of Spry Logos made the decision after realizing the success of their recent sale on all their custom embroidered materials used by their customers in their promotional marketing efforts. Those [...]

Is It Really Possible To Order The Wrong Backpack?


For most of us, choosing a backpack isn’t really that big of a deal. Whether we’re grabbing one for our kids first day back to school or need one to carry the bits and goodies of life around, a backpack is a simple contraption without too much room for error. Lately however, the backpack world [...]

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