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China Looks To Reconnect With India


  India is one of the most fertile markets in the world and Pakistan is one of the most important countries for the entire world. President of the United States, Barack Obama recently visited India to grab the business opportunities that await other countries but he skipped the visit with Pakistan. That was a huge [...]

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, released from prison on bail


Arrested last week on charges of rape, 39 year old Australian, Julian Assange, was released Tuesday evening. But British Justice has imposed a number of conditions. Wikileaks founder was arrested under a warrant issued by Sweden, he was accused of sexually assaulting two women. Julian Assange trial appeared calm, in a suit and shirt without [...]

Richard Holbrooke has died at the age of 69 years

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, Barack Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan and, according to the U.S. President, a “true giant of American foreign policy,” died Monday night, three days after suffering a heart attack. “America has lost this evening on one of its strongest defenders and one of its most loyal servants,” said Secretary of State Hillary [...]

North Korea threatens with nuclear war! South Korea prepares


Tensions reach alarming levels in the Korean peninsula. After numerous attacks by the North, now  Southern ignores the Communists call for the termination of military preparations. In response, Pyongyang threatened with nuclear war. US-South Korean cooperation could trigger a nuclear war in South-East Asia after South Korea began military maneuvers and had not stopped at [...]

Putin: “Russia will spend 646 billion dollars for rearmament by 2020 “


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced Monday that the government will allocate 646 billion dollars for army modernization by 2020, Reuters. The armed forces called for increased funding for modernization of weapons systems and aging, which undermines performance in local conflicts after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “We allocate serious funds, significant for rearmament [...]

Obama: The facts of the Wikileaks are “deplorable” and “irresponsible”


United States of America are concerned about the gangs of Chinese, Romanian and Albanian in Catalonia that creates networks of prostitution in the area. This shows a secret document of the American Embassy in Spain, revealed Wikileaks. For the first time since scandal diplomatic notes, Barack Obama criticized the more than 250,000 personal notes made [...]

Former members of Wikileaks has a rival project, OpenLeaks


Former members of the Wikileaks site,  dissatisfied by its founder Julian Assange , presented their  competitor project Friday called OpenLeaks, to be launched in the near future and will seek to facilitate the disclosure of information directly to the press. Unlike Wikileaks, the OpenLeaks site will  publish live on the Internet, but will also allow [...]

The main Palestinian negotiator asks U.S. to recognize the Palestinian state


The main Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erakat urges U.S. to recognize a Palestinian state within 1967 borders, denouncing the “dictates” of Israel. Senior Israeli and Palestinian officials go to Washington to try to save peace talks after U.S. failure to obtain blocking Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who demanded a moratorium [...]

“Anti-wikileaks” sites under siege of hackers!


A group of cyber activists who call themselves “Anonymous” announced Wednesday it will launch more attacks in the cyber defense founder of Wikileaks, after Julian Assange founder was arrested in London and several companies have stopped paying online money transfers to accounts Foundation. The group issued a statement that says he has no connection to [...]

Fight in South Korean Parliament

Parliament of South Korea has turned again into a fight arena between political party representatives. Opposition MPs have occupied the lobby of the building and blocked access roads to prevent the budget vote. In turn, representatives of power, tried to force the passage at any cost. The dispute started a program of development of rivers, [...]

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