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EU Shows Concern Over Intel Deal


Intel Corporation has almost completed the deal to purchase McAfee Incorporation, security specialist software but the officials of European Union have showed their concerns over the Intel deal and they have jumped into the matter that could delay the 7.68 billion deal. It has been reported that the officials of EU are scrutinising the Intel [...]

Former members of Wikileaks has a rival project, OpenLeaks


Former members of the Wikileaks site,  dissatisfied by its founder Julian Assange , presented their  competitor project Friday called OpenLeaks, to be launched in the near future and will seek to facilitate the disclosure of information directly to the press. Unlike Wikileaks, the OpenLeaks site will  publish live on the Internet, but will also allow [...]

Two billion dollars purchase price for the building where the Google headquarters is in New York


Google, the company that has the most popular Internet search engine, has signed a contract for purchase, fo $ 1.8 billion, for the office building in New York where he is based, said a source close to the transaction, quoted by Bloomberg. The acquisition would be the biggest deal for a single building in the [...]

Cartoon characters for FaceBook profiles (Smurfs, Ren and Stimy, Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, Wonder Woman)


The Cartoon pictures for FaceBook profiles. This was one of the hottest searches and topics on the internet in the last day. Basically a new fever hit the FaceBook were everybody is changing their FaceBook picture profile with their favorite cartoon pictures. Cartoons from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are all over the Facebook in [...]

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks is convinced he will be assassinated


Wikileaks site founder, Julian Assange, the most wanted man of the day, granted an interview Friday for British daily The Guardian, in which he made shocking confessions. Assange is hiding, apparently in the UK, but his arrest is just a matter of days, according to international media. However, Australian journalist gave an interview to The [...]

Wikileaks:Important Chinese officials are responsible for the disappearance of Google in China


U.S. diplomats who was  in post in Beijing said that  Chinese officials where suspected by cyber attack against Google, according to diplomatic notes revealed by Wikileaks site and posted on the newspaper’s The New York Times websit. “A well-placed contacts said that Chinese government has ordered Google’s recent intrusion into the system,” explains one of [...]

The holder of the largest spam network of Internet has been arrested


U.S. police arrested  the founder  of one of the largest spam networks in the world. Russian responsible for one of three unwanted e-mails sent daily worldwide, has pleaded not guilty. However, besides the electronic evidence, FBI agents have managed to convince the couple to testify against his accomplices. U.S. authorities were seeking him in 2008 [...]

He implanted the third eye in the neck!


A man from New York stunned the whole world with his project. Determined to document carefully every minute of his  life, the artist has implanted a camera in his head, somewhere above the neck. The device will capture more than half a million photographs and all images will be designed in a modern art museum [...]

U.S. politicians want WikiLeaks founder (Julian Assange) to be dead. Interpol issues international warrant for his arrest

Julian Assange

American politicians are increasingly outraged by the actions against Wikileaks site. A number of important names in American politics want the death of its founder Julian Assange  and those guilty of leaking information. Thus, during a CBC news program, Tom Flanagan, an advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Harper Stepher, called the assassination of Julian Assange. [...]

Interpol issued an international warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks!


Interpol issued an international arrest warrant Tuesday on behalf of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks site, sought in Swedish  justice for  investigation of rape and sexual assault. An Interpol spokesman confirmed the institution’s website publication of a notice of Assange search. “Request for extradition warrant” was received on November 20 from Sweden and is distributed [...]

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