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Heidi Jones of WABC-TV, Admits Attack Story In Central Park Was Fiction


Heidi Jones of WABC-TV, has admitted that her story about an attacker in Central Park was fiction. Jones, the weather woman for WABC-TV, was caught in a lie after telling cops an Hispanic man attacked her in the park on Sept. 24. Jones later said the attacker returned two months later as well, a police [...]

Austria sells about 500 tanks and saves 12 million


Austrian Army gives up half of its tanks and armored vehicles to save money. Defense Minister told a newspaper in Vienna, that in the new security environment, Austria does not need self-defense forces of  territory. In total, the army would dismantle or will sell about 500 tanks, which will bring annual savings of 12 million [...]

26 died after an explosion at a coal mine in China


At least 26 miners have died in a gas explosion at a coal mining center of China. Another 20 miners had escaped after the blast surface. According to local authorities, the mine continued its work although it ordered an end, for failure to comply with safety standards. China’s mining industry is considered the most dangerous [...]

FBI alert:A Barbie doll equipped with a video camera!


The FBI has launched a “cyber-alert” about a new Barbie doll model who has a tiny video camera, toy that might attract those interested in pornography. According to the warning issued by the Bureau on November 30 in Sacramento (California) American federal police, the camera can record 30 minutes illegal, images can be downloaded to [...]

Wikileaks: Chinese lied with his economic performance!


The  data about Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of China are “made in pen” and mistrust, Li Keqiang said in 2007, one senior Chinese officials and perhaps the Asian country’s next prime minister, said in a note published by Wikileaks U.S. embassy writes Reuters. Li Keqiang, China’s current and former deputy governor of the province, made [...]

Wikileaks:American oil industry had little benefit from the Iraq War


The conflict in Iraq has brought few benefits to U.S. oil industry, one company made a considerable profit, Halliburton, U.S. diplomatic documents shows. When Iraqi Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, has provided the first contracts to foreign companies in 2009, he said that profits will be split, and that oil prices will be fixed. However, U.S. [...]

In ten years China will become the most important innovation center in the world


China will become the most important center for innovation in the world by 2020, surpassing U.S. and Japan, according to a survey conducted among the population in six states, drug maker AstraZeneca said. China is already the second largest economy in the world, having become the “workshop” of global manufacturing, and now aims for market [...]

Innovation: The rescue of Marketing!


Critical state in which the Spanish economy is, has led often to increasingly less frequent in bars , so  alcoholic beverage industry has meant a significant decline in sales. Diageo, one of the largest international producers of alcoholic beverages has found a way to revitalize their sales: mojito dispensers in bars. London-based company sought to [...]

Death threats against Wikileaks founder’s


Wikileaks site founder, Julian Assange, said Friday on an online forum on the British daily website The Guardian, that he received “death threats” against him, leading his team to take increased security measures, AFP. “Death threats against us are high profile. But we take appropriate precautions, to the extent that we are able to cope [...]

Wikileaks site has been blocked, after multiple DNS attacks!


Service Provider DNS (Domain Name System) site Wikileaks blocked Wikileaks site, saying it became the target of massive cyber attacks that threatened its infrastructure and hampered access to thousands of other sites, reports BBC News Online. Wikileaks claims that his site began to be targeted by attacks after the publication of over 250,000 classified [...]

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