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8 people have died in Britain from A/H1N1


Eight people have died from an infection with A/H1N1 in early September, in the United Kingdom, announced Saturday for Health Agency (HPA). In total, ten people died from influenza, but only eight deaths were attributed to formal A/H1N1 strain that has caused a general alert in the world last year. According to the HPA, “it [...]

FALSE Myth: Potatoes are not fattening!


Another myth shattered: Potatoes are not fattening! A U.S. man has managed to lose about ten pounds, consumes only potatoes for 60 days. According to BBC News, Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission, Chris Voigt, decided to rehabilitate the favorite vegetable and to restore the status of dietary product. Thus, from 1 October, [...]

Video: Baby with an extremely rare disorder: the head is twice as big!

Photo by Kens5 News

A baby in Texas, who was born with twice the head, put doctors on fire. Klauss, aged just 11 months, was born with hydrocephalus, and neurosurgeons at a Texas hospital make desperate efforts to save it. According, Klauss is subject to a treatment to remove fluid from the head, which exerts a pressure on [...]

NEW!!! Youth without old age? Researchers said they found the enzyme responsible for the rejuvenation


U.S. researchers at Harvard University have found a way to activate an enzyme “responsible” with rejuvenation. We could live longer and healthier, and diseases like Alzheimer’s or heart problems could become history. We could have children naturally to very advanced ages. In addition, multiplying the number of years as the body is young, so in [...]

12 stitches for Barack Obama


President Barack Obama was hit with the elbow in the face during a basketball game played yesterday. After that, he stuck with 12 stitches to the lip, told the press house White. Obama, an avid basketball player, was injured during a game with friends and family of 10 people at Fort McNair, an American military [...]

The victims of the cholera epidemic in Haiti: 1250 dead and over 52,000 illnesses.


Cholera continues to make victims in Haiti early state was devastated by an earthquake. According to a recent review, cholera has killed 1,250 people, with 64 deaths in addition to the previous balance, informs AFP. The number of people hospitalized and the number reached 20 687 cases of contamination reached 52,715. More than half of [...]

Pope Benedict: Using condoms is acceptable for disease prevention

pope Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI says that condom use is acceptable in certain situations, to prevent disease. The statement surprised the whole world because, until now, the Catholic Church vehemently rejected any form of contraception. Now, the pope seems to promote a little more moderate position. He believes that people working in the sex industry should use [...]

France. A drug for diabetics withdrawn, would have caused the deaths of hundreds of people


A drug for overweight diabetics, banned in France for more then a year now, has killed 500 people in 33 years, according to a study by the French Health Products Agency. “Mediator” was a drug for overweight diabetes, but was used by people over the normal weight who did not have diabetes. Marketed by Servier [...]

ATTENTION, today! A solar storm hits Earth, following the explosion on 12


Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and NASA spacecraft captured a solar explosion on November 12. The effects could be felt on Earth today, scientists say. The, solar boom is expected to affect Earth’s magnetic field from 14 to 15 November.After the explosion producing a quantity of solar particles are moving in the direction of Earth. [...]

Beijing residents will have water from melted snow this winter


China, which faces a chronic lack of water will collect and melt the snow this winter for some to fuel tanks,according to city officials. Three rivers serve as reservoirs, which will be transported snow melted. Two vehicles capable of melting snow and water to make 100 cubic meters of snow per hour will be positioned [...]

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