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Patrick House Wins $250,000 On “The Biggest Loser” Finale


“The Biggest Loser” finale ends with Patrick House winning the $250,000 prize. At the beginning of the season finale for the 10th season, the 4 contestants that remained were Patrick House (starting weight 400 lbs), Frado Dinten ( starting weight 367 lbs), Elizabeth Ruiz (starting weight 244 lbs) and Ada Wong (starting weight 258 lbs). [...]

Futurology Michio Kaku: “We have to leave Earth, otherwise we will die”

Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku, a physicist and futurology, talking about possible solutions to global warming and the existence of intelligent life forms in outer space, being convinced that the future of humanity on Earth is in danger. “I think the next 10 years will be chaotic in terms of energy.No substitute for oil will occur, but [...]

8 people have died in Britain from A/H1N1


Eight people have died from an infection with A/H1N1 in early September, in the United Kingdom, announced Saturday for Health Agency (HPA). In total, ten people died from influenza, but only eight deaths were attributed to formal A/H1N1 strain that has caused a general alert in the world last year. According to the HPA, “it [...]

Innovation: The rescue of Marketing!


Critical state in which the Spanish economy is, has led often to increasingly less frequent in bars , so  alcoholic beverage industry has meant a significant decline in sales. Diageo, one of the largest international producers of alcoholic beverages has found a way to revitalize their sales: mojito dispensers in bars. London-based company sought to [...]

A British farmer has created the world’s best chili peppers


A British man has created Naga Viper, a new variety of pepper that has the “hot” taste in the world. Naga Viper is faster than Bhut Jolokia, chili, which until now held the record for most hot peppers. Experts say that the Naga Viper Scoville scale measures the 1.359 million units, compared to other considered [...]

FALSE Myth: Potatoes are not fattening!


Another myth shattered: Potatoes are not fattening! A U.S. man has managed to lose about ten pounds, consumes only potatoes for 60 days. According to BBC News, Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission, Chris Voigt, decided to rehabilitate the favorite vegetable and to restore the status of dietary product. Thus, from 1 October, [...]

NEW! You can find out how many calories you eat using your mobile phone!


The Japanese have developed an unusual way to combat weight gain: a mobile application, with which many calories you’re just posing the plate content. For this, the program analyzes the color and shape of food in the container, comparing the information of about 100,000 types of food stored in memory. The application is still in [...]

New inventions in the U.S. real estate:The mini home-VIDEO!


U.S. housing market collapse due to economic crisis has revealed an unusual segment of the residential market which seems to attract more and more fans: houses with a floor area of about 8 square feet, with kitchen, bathroom and verandah, writes Associated Press. “It is very un-American in the sense that smaller means lower consumption,” [...]

Would not lose vitamins? Avoid these mistakes eating


Avoid eating some common mistakes to enjoy all the nutrients! For example, it never peeled fruits and vegetables. Avoid coffee and tea during meals so that you will not properly absorb iron. So you get maximum benefit from the daily menu! If you keep a week in the refrigerator in the kitchen or your favorite [...]

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